Take Away Pizza - has anyone else had problems eating the GF Pizza

I had a delivered gluten free pizza (well known company) on Saturday felt awful on Sunday, nausea, stomach cramps and loose bowels! Monday was not much better! Has anybody else had any bad experiences with take away pizza. It could possibly have been a lactose problem, although my lactose intolerance only comes back when I have been glutened!


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  • Yep, I had one great and then one dodgy one from Pizza Hut. I don't think I'll have another. Properly glutened, although I only had a mild glutening this time.

  • Haven't tried them but would have liked to. Is this your first time ordering from this company? It may well be cross contamination. Do they have a dedicated GF oven and are staff trained in the correct procedures. Could easily have used same equipment to put into and take out of oven -placed on board used by normal pizza etc. I don't think people realise about the x contamination problem. Hope you are feeling better now.........

  • We had one the week before and it was fine, I think I may pay them a visit to understand their procedures! Was better on Tuesday/wed today my diverticular has flared up! it doesn't rain but it pours!

  • I've had a few from dominos and never had an issue! And I'm very sensitive to gluten as well. Maybe it's just been bad luck or whoever is putting the pizzas together isn't being careful?! Definitely let them know though!!

  • Are you ok with xanthan gum? It can give the same effect as being glutened.

  • Personally I would not touch them, but for others its worth trying them to see how you get on. One pizza is not going to do that much harm and if your OK enjoy!

    PS Xanthan Gum can be grown on wheat so could be a contamination issue for some, but not all.

  • Hi Folks, I think that how the pizza is baked should be looked at as pizza's are usually cooked on hot bricks or a on a special metal baking screen and sometimes they are just placed on the open oven shelves. So the pizza base may well be gf but is it contaminated when baked and is the gf pizza baked with non gf pizza's.

  • I have had pizza hut and dominos had no problems after eating so far but if i was glutened i would tell them as they can continue to train staff on the importance of cross contamination

  • I also get stomach upsets off and on as well...its a hit or miss..

    But pizza is something i love...and once every other week i get one and hope for the best:D

  • Have had 2 dominoes so far and no problem (apart from the price). My son in law recently joined the company and informed me that the greatest care is taken to ensure all equipment used and ingredients are kept totally seperate for gf to avoid cross contamination

  • I have a friend who is a manageress at Pizza Hut and by the sound of it, the training has been really thorough and they are all really clued up about cross-contamination, etc. My five year old is Coeliac - we haven't tested the Pizza Hut GF pizzas yet, but are planning to over half term. Fingers crossed she'll enjoy it and it'll be safe for her :-)

  • Sounds like all the pizza houses aren't reading from the same hymn sheet to me, from the conflicting comments here. I guess these places might have a quick staff turnaround so what might have started out working properly ends up as a shambles a year later when most of the staff have been replaced.

    Just a thought.

    I couldn't afford a takeaway pizza, but I make my own. Its so easy and they're good to carry when travelling, to replace airplane meals.

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