anyone else had problems with Neals Yard millet grains?

I rinsed them and then prepared them as per packet. Now I'm having a terrible itch-fest reaction with little blisters popping up on my hands, legs and neck. Lovely. Not. Had eaten them once before with no discernible reaction. Sigh. According to googled website they are allegedly gluten free. Ah well. Yet another one to scratch off.

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  • I have some meusili that doesnt agree with me, gf of course, Neals Yard.

  • That's really interesting Osborne, thanks for sharing. I guess Neals Yard is not for everyone then. Shame. I wonder if anyone else will respond with similar issues...

  • Hi Lexy, Have you the information off the bad? I too have millet grain from Neil's Yard .. have only used a very small portion so far, about two teaspoonfuls as I tend to boil it up with other grains. Mine is a BBE: SEP 12; Produce of the USA 11278 20:24 2 56016 and on the reverse after the 500g the number is 2232.

    As yet I haven't noticed any problem - I was intending having some for breakfast this morning .. it would be helpful to know if you have a different batch number to me if you could kindly advise?

    What is interesting is that I used to be able to purchase this grain from any of the large supermarkets under their own brands and for some very strange reason millet has vanished off the shelves entirely. The only brand I was able to purchase in my area was Neal's Yard!

    I used to always soak millet for five minutes in a bowl of water before seiving then rinsing but the last few times I have cut corners and just rinsed in a seive.

    I wonder when you mention itching on the hands, etc are you handling the grain? Or is the reaction entirely caused through ingestion do you think? It's really annoying to get a reaction from the grain - I do hope you soon feel better.

  • Sorry Lexy should have read "Have you the information off the packet?" .... heaven's knows how it turned into the word bad!! Lol!

  • Hi Lynxcat: my batch info is this - BBE SEP 12 Produce of USA 11278 20:19 2 56016 so it would appear to be the same?? As I said, I had it before with no discernible reaction (perhaps a smaller quantity - last night it was the sole basis of my meal, I made a tabbouleh-style salad with fresh veg and a litte feta and some balsamic vinegar I've never reacted to before and eat daily). So I'm a bit perturbed. I shall probably try some again in a while just to see if it was a fluke. I drank lots of water, including two pint glasses of water with several tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and the itching eased. I also slathered all itchy sites with Aloe Vera gel - both the coolness and the aloe seem to help. This morning so far I only have one spot on my face (usually I get a total breakout after a reaction like that!). So it's not all bad. Phew. Thanks for your reply and your concern! It's an ever-learning game this gluten avoidance (or whatever else last night's reaction may have been). Perhaps I'm particularly sensitive to millet and you fortunately are not??? :)

  • Have you had the cheese in a separate meal? Is the balsamic vinegar a new bottle? Just an extra thought, Lexy - ?

  • Hi again Lynxcat, aye, all the other ingredients were ones I'd had before and from packets/bottles I'd already may just be that millet and I do not mix well! I found a rash on my stomach and a few more spots on my face later on, but at least the itching stopped during the night. Maybe in a couple of weeks or so I'll try the millet grains again and see how I fare... thanks for the response anyway!

  • Let's hope that it was a one-off attack!

  • Ha!

  • The only naturally gf grain that I have issues with is millet. I believe that the issue is cross contamination when the millet is flaked and I read years ago that millet often contains up to 20ppm because of this.

    And if you go on the Genius bread site they state that some coeliac have issues with their brown bread because of the millet flakes.

    Teff is from the same family as millet and I have never had an issue with teff flour.

  • Hi Jerry, thanks for all that. That is very interesting info. I have been missing couscous, bulghur wheat and tabbouleh so I had hoped that millet grains might fill the gap. I do eat quinoa but find it is a very different taste and texture and although it works it's not quite 'right' in my humble opinion for tabbouleh! But I will persevere!! Thanks again for the info. I will probably try millet grains one more time just at some point to see if I still react...As far as I know I've not tried teff flour but I will check the few 'gf' breadrolls that I sometimes buy. Cheers

  • If Neals Yard millet is the stuff sold at Holland & Barratt then yes, I reacted to this. Much of the bagged stuff in Holland and Barratt can't be trusted - the allergy statement mentions that nuts are prepared in the same factories but don't bother to mention that cross contamination with gluten is also a risk.

  • Hi India, yes it was purchased at Holland &, I hadn't realised that their goods were particularly suspect/liable to cross-contamination. That's annoying! Thanks so much for the heads up...gosh, I learn so much everytime I put up a question on this site, it's excellent! Thanks again India.

  • my neals yard gf muesli info. NBTY Europe LTD ., Postbus 475 Beverwijk. also NBTY Europe LTD.,Burton-Upon-Trent DE14 2WP. Unfortunately I purchased two pack, also some seeds and millet. Wonder if they have used Neals Yard always. Think you are right India about gf prodcts.

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