Has anyone else had a bad reaction to Lindt Excellence Orange intense dark chocolate?

There's no gluten warning on the label (just may contain traces of hazelnuts and milk.) I was diagnosed CD in December and have had a few glutening incidents but have always been able to work out what I'd eaten to cause them. I felt a bit brain fogged last week when I ate a piece of this chocolate but have had a much more extreme reaction this evening and cannot think what else it could be.

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  • hiya yes i had a reaction to that too doesnt say but i stick to choc that says gf i have cd for 2yrs and at first had a lot of reaction to some things your body is getting rid of traces gluten too well thats wot i was tols good luck with diet oh and carnt drink cola or coffie that reacts too so if you have had coffie may have been that x

  • You can have Coca cola & Pepsi, some of the supermarket own brands contain barley & in pubs there's a risk of cross contamination on the pumps so stick to cans or bottles. Coffee is ok though some people are sensitive to it.

  • I steer clear of all Lindt as most contain Barley malt extract. I discovered this halfway through a box of Lindor!!! I tend to stick to Cadbury.

  • I was diagnosed about 8 months ago, and find it hard sometimes, but getting there. As I love chocolate I was thrilled when my dietician said I could still have Cadbury's milk choc!!!

  • Some Cadbury Milk chocolate products do carry the 'due to manufacturing methods' warning,so do check every time.

  • Hi Glutenfreegranny - I steer clear of Lindt because on their website it says that they cannot guarantee that ANY of their products are gluten free because of the production line.

    If you're looking for definitely gluten free chocolates and you have an Aldi near you they do a line called Moser Roth which all have 'gluten free' stated on the packaging (they do an assortment of dark chocolates, some with flavourings, and some milk chocolates). I have Dermatitis Herpetiformis and react very strongly and have never had a reaction to these chocolates.

    I found (it's now over 18 months since I've been gluten free) that the things I react to changed over time. I no longer tolerate coffee (ground or instant), green tea, blue cheese and I'm not sure about brie/camembert, most fizzy soft drinks (although sparkling water is fine, as long as there are no sugar/flavourings added). There is only one brand of gluten free oats I tolerate. All this was by process of elimination. It's an ongoing journey! Good luck with it! :)

  • Hi Thought I should just point out that not all Cadbury's chocolate is classed as gluten free, for instance bars of Dairy Milk aren't. I am not sure why but think it has something to do with the factory where it is made, perhaps they make biscuit type products at the same place. I tend to eat flakes and twirls, here is a list of their gf goods cadbury.co.uk/products?ing=...

  • Thank you for your replies - all really helpful. It's a bit depressing to realise that, as the body adapts to GF diet, other intolerances appear. I naively imagined that once I'd gone GF all would be well. However, I was probably CD for several decades so I guess it will take a while for my system to stabilise. And, on days like yesterday, when I can't work out what has caused me to feel so ill, I need to remind myself that generally I feel very much better and have regained weight, muscle tone and energy. As you say, Lexy, it's an onging journey. Next step...? Off to Aldi!

  • Thanks, tmoxon, I've just followed the Cadbury's link. I had discounted all their choc because so many had GF warnings. When I'm clear of the Lindt I'll definitely investigate a Twirl!

  • Hi Glutenfree Granny, Hope you feel better soon, I have just read your post and feel exactly the same, after years of feeling not well, by accident I found I had CD, I also have DH. I thought that once I went strictly gf I would feel wonderful but in my case I still have many days of feeling dreadful. All we can hope is that some day we are fully healed and then feel the benefits. Lexys post about soft drinks also made me wonder whether I could have the same issues as a fortnight ago I bought some high juice sugar free squash from Lidl and because I tend to drink a lot, was drinking at least a couple of pints a day. I felt dreadful all week and that is the only thing I have been able to think of. I am not sure whether white wine is also causing a problem as well.

    Good luck with all

  • Hi tmoxon, Thanks for your comment. yes, it's frustrating isn't it - I keep thinking I've got it cracked and then have days of feeling awful. When I first went GF I was on a real high and seemed to be able to digest so many things that made me feel queasy before. But six months in I seem to be much more sensitive and, like you with the squash, don't really know what's causing it. I am wondering about wine too, so am cutting it out for a few weeks to see what happens. Good luck!

  • I think the answer to this is assume everything HAS gluten in it unless it specifically says so, or coeliac uk says so, there are so many factories using gluten that cross contamination is a real issue-- the ones that state G/F are made where no cross contamination can occur.

    Campanies do not have to comment on the gluten in their products, they only have to say the ingredients DEFINATELY used ie wheat,sugar etc

    BTW I was going to buy some frozen chicken breasts ( just breasts -no coating/sauce) from Tesco and one of the brands have a gluten warning on the package.

  • Wow! You really would think that naked chicken would be GF wouldn't you! I would never even have thought to check.

  • GlutenfreeGranny - I reacted to Lindt milk chocolate when I ate it for the first time about 6 weeks ago. I was so disappointed as it tasted so nice! Annoyingly I can't eat Toblerone either. I think one of the ingredients may be gluten syrup or something else that I react to. I did not read the label and got caught out again. I thought it would be okay. I have tried Cadburys and that seems okay. However, much as I wanted to I eat a whole big bar I restrained myself and ate smallish pieces. I feel so deprived of chocolate and even more fed up as despite not eating it (and other products) I have not lost any weight!

  • I've always joked that I can survive being wheat free because I can still have chocolate and (white) wine.

    Thankfully I'm not coeliac but I have been warned.

    My heart goes out to all of you.

  • Thank you Ruth462. I really appreciate that. I just hang on to the fact that all fruit and veg, rice and fish is GF!

  • HI, just wanted to add cross-contamination doesn't always catch you, but does often enough! 1stgls is right, assume it contains gluten until you are sure it doesn't. I've been caught out a couple of times, even with lentils and quinoa that has been on a line where wheat has been processed. Gluten turns up in the most bizarre places.

    I had to give up Green & Blacks organic choc after an episode, but then I found some Montezuma chocolate. The ones I've had are definitely GF (labelled as such) and delicious, if a little expensive. Treat yourself. ;)

  • Yep Lindt can be problematic; ruined Christmas with one of their Chocs, the one with a gooey middle (Lindor?). I believe the culprit ingredient to be Maltodextrin, despite Coeliac UK saying it's OK. This is derived from Corn (maize) in USA but WHEAT in Europe.

    Have also found it in some salami-type cold meats

    However Aldi chocs superb for saying and being GF

  • Hi all. Coeliac Society Australia have removed the "Gluten Free" designation of all Cadbury products as the label now states "may contain gluten". Made me very sad. Now I can find no chocolate that is safe. :(

  • Interesting Malago that in Australia no Aldi chocolate is gluten free. The reason that we have 5ppm as an upper limit. The UK I believe are still 20ppm. So coeliacs should still be be wary.

  • Hi Roscoe

    I had hoped that Coeliac Uk would look to Australia to bring us in line with their recommendation of 5ppm due to many people still feeling ill when on a strict GF diet in the UK. I have always thought that in the future the 5ppm would be proved to be the best way forward.

    I have just gone to the Australian website and on the home page it says that the Australian Coeliac society are recommending to have the limit raised to 20ppm to bring them in line with ours, I wondered whether you were aware of this?

    Here is a link to the pdf file regarding this coeliac.org.au/content/down...

  • That report goes back to 2010 and is no longer current. There was a thought that manufacturers would stop making product. But wiser heads prevailed.

  • Yes but if you look at the home page of Coeliac Australia coeliac.org.au/ the link is on the front page in large text

  • I went gluten-free last November due to a diagnosis of CD.

    After several months I was still getting a range of strange symptoms and was still tired all the time. I finally figured the reason out about eight weeks ago - I have a dairy intolerance, not just a lactose intolerance. Every time I ate cheese such as Camembert, yogurt etc (or any other product made with dairy), I felt like I had been glutened.

    Since ditching the dairy I have been much better - apart from my mother accidentally dairying me last Sunday...! Bless her she has got her head around the gluten issue but is still working out about the dairy.

    So just about every easily available brand of chocolate is now off limits to me due to the dairy issue. However on balance, it's worth it.

    Surprisingly the hospital dietician did'nt give me as much grief about removing dairy from my diet as I expected. She just told me I had to be more careful with my vitamin and mineral intake.

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