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What Can i Do - I have an unhelpful GP

I have been Coeliac for many years now since moving home 2 years ago my Doctor has never sent me to see a Dietian or Consultant even though i have asked him to refer me, i cant eat the bread as it makes me feel sick, i need to have a Dexta scan, i have a low vitamin D of 20 never had a vit B12 test i've just give up i dont like myself ,i have Osteoarthritis as well as having no spleen.

Dont know what to do anymore.

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Get a second opinion from another doctor in the surgery or go to a different surgery. When you go, ask at the reception if there is a doctor who specialises in gastro or immune related problems.

Failing that, go private. I asked my employer and they paid half my consultation cost and the doctor there diagnosed me very rapidly.

Don't let a doctor's lack of knowledge or interest affect your health, and once you do start getting answers you can shape your diet and you will start feeling better.


Hi Shelly, There is a page on NHS Direct that offers solutions to patient problems. It is just a thought but perhaps if you were to contact them they may offer advice on what is the best way forward. If you wish to choose this option then first of all make notes on everything that you feel needs addressing - go through the list and tick them off when you have mentioned them. Have a pen and paper handy so that you can make notes on what their advice may be.

Check out this page:

Their main contact number is: 0845 4647

If after contacting them you feel that they haven't been able to help then return to your doctor, explain that you are unwell, you are showing no signs of improvement and would like a referral.

You are entitled to a referral if you check out NHS Choices:

This is also a useful guide to have a link to - The Citizens Advice - NHS Patients' Rights:

I hope that this helps you a little. Let us know how you get on. All the best.


Ah, I just kind of answered this on another thread, oops!

Yes, please do try to see another GP. I have had involvement 4 different GPs at my surgery concerning the problems I've had over the last year. Most of them have been amazing but after a visit to one GP I came home and cried, I even phoned her the next day and explained my concerns but she made me feel stupid and small. Needless to say, when I returned to the surgery I was nervous about badmouthing her in case I upset the GP I was seeing - I was as diplomatic as possible and there were no problems. My surgery has different GPs on call each day so if I have to call and she's the option to see, I just call back the next day :)

I know it's not the perfect answer but I've been amazed at how different they've been. Good luck :)


Do not give up. You need to fight for your health. Simply log online and search for your PCT (Primary Care Trust). Report your Doctor and ask who they can recommend that has a gastro background. They will be able to recommend a different practice and will also contact your GP to ensure they don't treat anyone else as poorly again. Sadly we often have to take 110% of the responsibility for our health. There are good Doctors out there - they're just hard to find. Your health matters. Do not give up. You have a choice of who you see.

Let us know how you get on.


Start shouting to see another GP in the practice or find out from those you contact regularly if there is anyone else who has to be gf and what their doctor is doing for them.


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