So what should I eat before running a Half Marathon ?

Recently I was delighted to find out I could eat Oats... only to find out even more recently that I shouldn't ; ( I am running a 10 mile cross country race in a few weeks and am wondering just what should I eat before hand that will keep me going ? I found eating a bowl of oats was really helping me run further and for longer.. now I cant eat them i find I dont have the energy to run as far ...

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  • I am also signed up for the London Half Marathon in October..

  • Some other kind of cereal? I've heard that millet flakes when prepared right make something akin to porridge... Good luck with the race!

  • Thanks.. only started running a few months ago, before that I couldnt run to the end of my road so im over the moon but the eating is causing a hindrence ; (

  • Hello Tracey, why shouldn't you eat oats? I know it's a bit of a contenscious point but if you can tolerate them and they are the GFREE variety then you should be OK. I am 6 months into my GFree diet now and experimented with Nairns oats the other week and they seemed Ok for me.

    I run as well And I find things like baked beans on GFree toast are good, maybe a tin of rice pudding (although they can have a lot of sugar in) or even a couple of bananas which are a staple food for most people who exercise a lot. I haven't looked at any of the sports energy drinks or gels you can get for taking during races but they can give you a real shot in the arm when running, look at SIS maybe.

  • A lot of coeliacs cannot tolerate oats. Be carefull

  • I run every day and for a morning run I eat a banana beforehand and drink an energy drink, but I do struggle. For a afternoon run I have potatoes or pasta for lunch then run about 2-3 hours later, I can run forever when I've had carbs. Good luck with your half marathon. :)

  • Thank you all for your help! I was eating quaker oats as they didnt say contained wheat. I was fine with them and found they really helped with my running. Problem is I dont suffer in the same way as most coeliacs, unless i was to eat something with a high content of Gluten in it I dont suffer with cramps or loo visits. This is why I dont really know if I should or shouldnt eat the oats. It would be good to know if I could take those gel things at least to try and see if they help with the running. Beans on toast.. hmm what about wind ?? could be embarrassing if running with a friend lol!! Im going to try banannas tomorrow as running straight from work. Any good sports drink recommendations ??

  • Hi Tracey I was told by the dietitian not to eat oats so I tried something else as a porridge subsitute. Alara luxurious gluten free porridge made from rice, millet,buckwheat flakes and linseeds. Tasted a bit funny at first but now I am used to it. Got it from the healthfood shop. Mind you a bit of sugar improves the taste until you get used to it!

  • Tracey there's some good tips on here (avoid the gluten obviously!). If I were you I'd try quinoa it's very versatile and can be eaten as a breakfast or salad or as a main meal. It's not a grain and is in fact high in protein.

  • Thank you some very good advice there. Just one thing, what is Quinoa ?

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