Confused - can I still have coeliacs

I have had lots of gastrointestinal symptoms for many years and also have neurological problems. I had a positive blood test for coeliacs at the end of October and I had a gastroscopy today. The report says that my upper GI tract looks normal and 4 biopsies were taken. If I have coeliacs would my GI look abnormal before the biopsies are taken. So does that mean I am unlikely to get a diagnosis? Thank you

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  • Hi. Does going gluten free relief your GI problems? This is the best test.

  • Hi Inna

    if you stop eating gluten before blood tests and biopsies you can skew the results. In the UK we are advised to eat gluten (preferably wheat) twice a day for 6 weeks prior to tests.

  • I did not say anything about eating gluten before the tests. I said that going gluten free is a very good test. It is possible to test negative for coeliacs but be gluten intolerant.

  • Hi there

    my sons bowel looked normal during the endoscopy but a week later the biopsy results came in saying he definitely had coeliac disease.

    have you got an appointment to go back and get the results?

  • Hi there, this is not as simple as it appears in my opinion, because what do they mean when they say the upper gut tract looks normal? And I reckon that they mean it is not inflamed but they have to do a biopsy to determine if your villi is flattened.

    Regardless you have to wait I'm afraid but if you are diagnosed then you're in good company on here and you'll get plenty of help getting started.

  • Thank you everyone.. I have tried to eat enough gluten before the endoscopy so that the results are as accurate as possible. I do feel unwell after eating gluten containing food so I have started to exclude it from my diet now the tests are over. I need to wait 10-14 days for the results. I will keep you posted. I really appreciate all your support.

  • The biopsies are studied in a laboratory (you can read how online). Perhaps your endoscopist was saying the villi look normal (to the eye). The samples will indicate damage.

    I'd say lucky you that it wasn't visible to the eye - my villi were so badly damaged the endoscopy doctor told me there and then.

  • My villi looked normal to the eye but the biopsy was positive.

  • Just to update you all. I had the results of the biopsies and I do have coeliac disease. I would welcome any tips as I am trying to get my head round it all.

  • Just gluten-free is enough as a first step. See if it eliminates your symptoms. If they are all resolved, that would be enough. In case they are not, there're many topics to study, like gluten contamination, cross-reactivity of foods etc.

  • Thank you Inna. It has been a challenge with Christmas parties and food etc but I have managed to stick to gluten free. Symptoms are more of a problem some days than others and I do wonder if that is related to milk. I am trying to keep a diary.

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