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I have found "normal" tasting Bread rolls!!

Hi everyone, this isnt a question, i just thought i would share with you all.

I have missed the most since starting this diet bread/rolls. I was in sainsburys recently (one of their massive stores, Colchester) and come across some white soft bread rolls, they looked lovely so thought i would give them a try and i have to say they taste normal, they are gorgeous, I dont think anybody could tell the difference, now they are expensive ( but we knew they would be right!) they are a pack of 4 for £2.15ish, but for someone like me who is missing bread/rolls desperately, they are worth every penny.


Paula xx

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Hi Mummyof3,

Great news! What make are they? Do they make them in the shop bakery or are they "branded"?


Hi, They are sainsburys own brand and they are in the free from aisle ,

wow thats a big link lol, i was trying to show you what the packet looks like, if this link doesnt work, try highlighting it and poppng it into google then look on images and hopefully it will show you what to look out for.

Paula xx


I havent gone mad, that was showing a massive link lol

hopefully you can see this link and it will work for you.

Paula x


Do you have a list of ingredients though I think at 226 cals a roll this would have to be a rare treat for me.


yes they are alot of calories but it was so good to eat something that tasted normal. i really dont eat that much bread/rolls so this will be a lovely treat .


I get Ener-G seattle brown hamburger rolls on prescription and they are great. You do have to "refresh" them in the microwave, but I can do that in the morning, make a roll for lunch and it will still taste good at lunch time - unlike most of the breads I have ever tried. I do have problems getting nice bread though, because I won't eat anything with codex wheat or corn in and that really limits what is available. I'm also a big fan of Tescos pita breads. I buy packs of those, cut each bread in half, then re-bag and freeze them in individual serves. Then when I want one I just take it out of the freezer and pop it straight into the toaster.

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