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can i get a list of food items

hello i was diagnosed as having coeliac disease on monday by letter.i dont see the consultant till the 30th of july.so if anyone could help me bytelling me where i could get a list of foods i can eat.and as anyone got a recipe for white bread. thank you

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Hi there, this is a useful site: coeliachelp.me.uk/qikguide....

As for white bread, I don't know about recipes. I tend towards Genius Seeded Loaf when I buy.


thanks for your help


Yes, me too. It's quite nice.


(The seeded loaf, that is.)


Get in touch with the coeliac society. You can join for your first 6 months free. There you will find loads of help about what you can eat. On joining you'll also be sent the directory which lists all the safe foods for sale in supermarkets and not just the overpriced stuff in the 'freefrom' section. You will also get info for the GF firms who when you register with them will send you loads of samples to try which is a great help when trying to choose stuff on prescription. Your GP can let you know what the prescribing policy of your PCT is. I'm a big fan of Juvela bread rolls and pasta and flours but we are all different in what we prefer and you need to try them. If you want any recipes for stuffings/cakes/cheese sauces etc then please just message me. It's a big change and can seem very daunting to start but it does get easier x


thank you thats a great help


Hello Bern, It's all very worrying when firstly diagnosed with Coeliac's Disease - there's such a lot of information that needs to be taken in. Rather than repeat any of the above - I am adding a few additional sites that provide a wealth of information (we are fortunate to be able to access both Australian and US details as well as British websites) for you to look at:









thanks for the advice everyone. its a great help


Hi Ben, my little bit of advice would be stick to plenty of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit initially, obviously be careful with any sauces or coverings on the meat. There are plenty of GF breads out there, personally I like Warburtons loaves which are in Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Asda and also DS in Tesco, you can get pre-cooked baguettes, just look at the Free-From section in any supermarket. However, don't get caught out buying expensive GF food on these shelves, some of the curry ranges you can make for a fraction of the price using your own ingredients.

It feels very daunting initially but it does become easier, honestly.

Just one more tip, when out and about or lunchtime at work it can become difficult , no more popping in somewhere for a sandwich, pie or pasty. It's best to plan ahead for this one, nothing worse that watching other people eat a McD's or Burger King and your looking for the nearest salad bar! All the best, it really is not that bad.


Hi Bern. I can't add to the already excellent advice you've been given . I just wanted to welcome you and say you have come to the right place. Some very knowledgeable folks on here.




The Coeliac society is the best starting point, ask for their foodlist for this year

My preference has been to get Juvela bread and flour on prescription,

you can toast the bread but make cake etc with the flour, I make a loaf with a breadmaker, now that is delicious especially when first baked. I have thrived

on this from 6stone 4 to a healthy 11 stone. So there is life at the end of the tunnel.All the best


Hi bern 7560, Get an appointment with gp fo advice and bread prescription for now. Then you could apply for 3mth or yearly prescriptions to ease paying for scrips. I get Livwell or dietary special bread. Will buy Genius bread for change, dont care for Warburtons. All will fall into place given time.


Hi Bern and welcome to GFG and it will get easier, we all feel for you as we've been there!

What I would do in the first instance is contact your local supermarket/s as they will send you a list of their gf products. The same goes for food manufacturers like Unilever who own many brands to specialist co's like Pataks. And don't be afraid to telephone their customer service dept as they will tell you if a specific product is gf there and then as well as send you a list of their products. So by the time you get your food and drink directory you will be well on the way.

When you are first diagnosed it is daunting as all you see is what you can not eat but that will change as there are many foods that are gluten free.

Lastly any questions you just ask away as we're all in the same boat on here and good luck.



Hi Bern

I wonder whether it would be worth speaking to your GP before you go back to the specialist this way you might be able to get a referral to a dietitian more quickly. My Gastro wrote to the GP to ask him to refer me. Also if you register on the 'Juvela' and 'Glutafin' sites you can apply for sample boxes of GF foods. You'll probably receive these in a couple of weeks you get fresh bread, longlife bread, pasta and crackers. I found these products quite helpful in the early days. I'm now 3 months in and it does get easier.


i would like to thank everyone for the great advice and support you have all been a great help


Do all the above and I would say join Coeliac UK if only in your first year. There will be a local group and people in the local group volunteer their help to newly diagnosed. Local groups also have a website area so you can ask a question about the local area (eating out or where you can buy something). Local groups have twice yearly meetings in my area.


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