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Reminder: Cake free zone!

Reminder: Cake free zone!

Hi All,

Great to see so many new members and good discussions on the site recently. However, we have noticed that the blogs, questions & discussions have begun to focus on 'how to bake..' type discussions. Now we all know that bread & cake are key topics for coeliacs - understandably. Yet we need to remind everyone that this is a health forum. Not a baking forum. So as much as we'd also know the secret to a perfect gluten free loaf please can we all avoid these discussions within the site and instead post these on our Facebook page instead?

Instead let's focus on discussions like:

- how much do GPs understand Coeliac Disease?

- how long before you began to feel better on a gf diet?

- do coeliac children get better care & diagnosis than adults?

- are there enough well qualified nutritionists & dietitians for coeliac patients?

- does your Dr refuse to test your vitamin D and why?

- what supplements & vitamins do you take for coeliac disease?

- do you suffer depression alongside coeliac disease?

- has coeliac disease affected your relationship with your friends, partner?

- have you had a 2nd endoscopy & why?



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Some people take the biscuit!

Actually I'm probably the worst offender, so I'm sorry about that.


Hi Fiona, I see where you are coming from and understand the logic behind your decision. Keeping the discussions focused on health and well being is something I fully endorse and agree. Eating gluten free food is the only way to manage coeliac disease, so it follows that how to make great tasting gluten free food is a subject which will be of interest to lots of coeliacs and people supporting coeliacs. Being able to talk about how to make and prepare gluten free alternatives, bread cakes, biscuits in particular is often the key to helping someone adhere to their diet, or their child's diet or their partner's diet. Giving people hope and a positive outlook on their diet is as beneficial to their well being as any of the topics you've listed. In fact I would argue, more so. Giving people the option to forgo shop bought alternatives, is healthier still.

I can see you don't want to be overrun with ads and people peddling their service and expertise (myself included), but I don't see why the two issues (the serious medical side and the everyday lifestyle issues ) can't share a website. Is there a corner or a section of the website where the foodies could share tips and talk about making great tasing gluten free food including healthy salads, soups, breads, cakes, pies, biscuits, pasta?


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