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At home test for coeliac disease


Also posted in thyroid uk.

Can anyone recommend one? I have hashimotos, and symptoms of coeliac, chronic constipation, abdominal pain after eating certain foods etc.

I'm considering an at home test for coeliac which if it's positive I'll ask my GP to test too.

I am pregnant, so don't know if that will affect results or diagnosis at all?

Reading online at coeliac uk, there's a higher chance of ceoliac if you have autoimmune thyroid disease.

I know going gluten free may help the hashimotos anyway, but will continue eating gluten until tests are done.

Bit overwhelmed at thought of going gluten free, as I seem to eat a lot of things that contain gluten!

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I'm not sure how accurate home testing kits are. Why not just ask your GP to get you tested anyway?

Going gluten free may seem daunting at first, but there is a lot of good information on what you can eat, and the improvement in health is worth the effort.

Good luck with sorting this out and with your pregnancy.

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hi there - i do agree with Penel, try to get your GP to test. I did a home test a few years ago and got a negative and therefore dismissed it as a possibilty, only to now discover I've had it for years. And much as i (truly) miss a pint of beer and many other things, it's not as bad as you think it's going to be :)

Good luck

Thanks both, I'm going to ring GP tomorrow, and try to get an appointment this week, so fingers crossed they'll test for me.

Been looking online at gluten free you can buy in supermarkets so feeling a bit more prepared.

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There's lots of gluten-free beer around (I know, I'm working my way through it).

Hi there

Biocard do a home test which is supposed to be over 94% accurate. You can buy it online or in chemists/Boots. ☺

That might be true, but as Penel says, why not ask your GP to get the blood test arranged?

I diagnosed myself with one of these tests before I went to my gp. They of course then run the full tests, but having got a positive test at home gave me confidence to suggest coeliac to my gp. Doctors vary, but some don't like patients suggesting something they may not have thought of themselves.

I've booked an appointment for Wednesday morning, so fingers crossed gp will agree to the test.

Hi babe them home tests for testing for coeliac are a waste of money my sisters test came bak negative & she has coeliac so do it right hun dont waste your money see yur doctor & I buy tesco brands free from gluten & free from wheat theres so much that you can get but it is expensive so if your like me & cannot afford a lot bake a few cakes with the basic few things you get of the doctors take care & be safe patricia

Suggestion is to definitely visit a Nutritionist as they will give you a test analysis there and then and the results are with you within minutes, I would find a good one so that you build. Up your trust and she or he help with going G/F.

I went G/F Dec 1st last year and I have never ever been so healthy, reversed two Chronic illnesses reversed my insomnia that I had had for 2 years also reversed Degenerative O.A

I take a multi Mineral and vitamin powder that has all the minerals and vitamins that the body is missing every day this has benefitted me immensely as sadly too many supplements are either not natural or they do not fulfill all that the body is missing every day.

Wishing you well.

No supplements are necessary when eating healthily

Sadly the earth is missing minerals and vitamins so yes supplementing has to be done, the earth has been so badly damaged that our bodies are missing in the food chain (I have always eaten healthy) never been overweight

However when tests are done you realize your body is missing so many minerals and vitamins because even the air we breathe is polluted

One day it will all be put right but sadly we have to live this system of things and in a polluted earth.

If you can help yourself yes eating well is first but the earth doesn't hold the minerals that it used to do.

Taking a multi Mineral and vitamin powder that has all the minerals and vitamins that the body is missing every day 80 averaging.

Definitely my best move.

Options for everyone.

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