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Positive blood test for coeliac

Hi all new to this site. Have had abdominal pain for over 30 years no reason ever found. Recently had a positive blood test for coeliac and Gp referred me to a gastroenterologist. My question is do I need a biopsy or can I just go gluten free after appointment. Thanks

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You can go gluten free at any time if you feel it will help you but to get a diagnosis of Coeliac Disease you need the endoscopy where up to four biopsies may be taken.

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Thankyou for your reply


Hi Sharon, for a diagnosis to be definitive you must remain eating gluten for the biopsy to be effective. So I'd go for a diagnosis now you're this close as it puts you in the system so you get referrals for bone scans, regular blood tests etc.

And I'd be be eating all my favourite gluten containing foods whilst I know that I can.

And good luck with the biopsy and you're in good company on here for all things gf.



Thanks for your reply I think there will be many more questions to come.

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Sharon would you benefit from the endoscopy and a diagnosis of Coeliac Disease? Prescription foods for coeliacs are being faded out in the U.K. so I cannot really see any other benefit.

My endoscopy was carried out after eight weeks on a wheat/gluten free diet where I proved positive. Four years later having problems on the diet I was retested by bloods HLA-DQ2 positive, Reduced folds d2 a Coeliac marker and still had an AGA of 42 so still getting hit with gluten.

My diet excludes most gf foods and everything is from fresh, I eat out regularly with little difficulty even abroad. I prefer to learn what is made from a gluten source and avoid it as a result I have put on 22 kilo’s all blood results are normal.

The bottom line is very few coeliac’s react the same so it’s what you feel comfortable with.


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