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Hello New Members!

Hello New Members!

Thanks for joining this site.

We hope you find it a useful forum to share health tips, ideas and questions. We know not everyone wants to share all on our facebook page so we hope you'll find this site useful. One of the features we're very excited about is Compare your Hospital. We've longed for a chance to rate hospital treatment for Coeliacs as we know the service can be very patchy.

So here's your chance to get involved...

COMPETITION: Win an iPod Touch rate your hospital!

>Rate your hospital via this link:

>You could win an iPod Touch

HOW: Just click the link and fill in the short questionnaire

>It will only take around 10 mins.

>By doing so you'll help Doctors and Coeliacs on the site know the best hospitals for Coeliacs

>You can vote with your feet and move to a Hospital that ranks highly if yours is poor

For the feature to work well we really need all Coeliacs on the site to rate their hospital though. So be as frank as you like. The more we rate hospitals the more freedom we have to choose to attend a good one.

Got a burning question?

> Ask it on the Helpvine section

Got a great blog?

>Why not add our Big Question widget to promote the site to your readers?

>Just ask us for details

Coeliac + another autoimmune disease?

>You can connect on conversations with other members and share in depth tips

>Think of it like facebooks messaging service

We'll be regularly blogging about Nutrition, Travel and Coeliac Life. Feel free to suggest items you'd like us to blog on.

We know that members tend to interact more if users have a profile pic (real or fun), and a few words on their profile. So if you're currently headless - do take 2 mins to spruce up your profile!

We look forward to reading the Compare the hospital results.

Enjoy the site!

Gluten Free Guerrillas

PS: Don't forget to check out our links and follow us on twitter and facebook

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PS Don't forget to add a profile pic and a few lines about yourself. Do also click on the compare the hospital feature. Only UK NHS hospitals are shown at the moment. Do have your say and rate yours though so that it helps inform newbie Coeliacs and Doctors who are assessing where to send patients for testing.


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