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Lactose intolerance or coeliac?


Hi folks, hope someone can help me here. I am 59 years old. Since a child I have had problems with dairy products and some years ago I was having more symptoms so had my blood tested. This showed a severe intolerance of eggs, a moderate intolerance to all dairy products and a minor intolerance to a few other things that I don't eat anyway. I avoid eggs and everything I eat or drink is lactose free. I have horrid symptoms if I have any dairy by mistake.

Fast forward to a few months ago when I started getting heartburn etc and lost half a stone without trying. Yesterday I had a gastroscopy and the consultant said there was loss of the normal villous pattern in the first part of my bowel, he has taken biopsies and said I may be coeliac. I am also having a CT scan on Sunday.

My question is, has wheat always been the problem and the damage to my villi has caused my lactose intolerance? I have suffered with a reaction to milk since I was a baby. Also, what is the difference between wheat allergy, gluten intolerance and coeliac disease? Sorry for all the questions!

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Hi TennysonBear

Coeliac U.K. has a brief explanation of the differences between the various conditions. Allergies tend to have an immediate effect, whereas the other two can take some time to affect you.

If you have Coeliac disease, the damaged villi may be unable to produce the enzyme to digest milk, although this doesn’t happen to everyone. If you have had a problem with dairy since childhood, I would guess that you have never produced enough of the digestive enzyme needed to process dairy products. The gene producing this enzyme gets turned off in most adults, so lactose intolerance is very common in most of the world.

Coeliac disease is a genetic condition, but may not be triggered into action until later in life, it is also very under diagnosed, so perhaps you have had it since childhood. Hopefully the consultant can give you a better explanation!

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Hi Penel, many thanks for your clear and informative reply. I have read the explanation on the website about the different conditions which was also very clear and now I understand! I'll wait for the results of my biopsy and go on from there. Thanks again!

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Thanks for that SBM, that's really useful especially when away from home. As you say, it's great to be "normal"! Thanks again, I'll definitely look into it.

Sorry I can't help you,I have IBSC, but i would suggest that you talk to a dition they may be able to help answer your questions,I had provided thought a promgam that my insurance had

This really helped me.

So I would as your ins if they have something that may help you

Thanks for your reply. Yes I agree, I think my next move is to see a dietitian.

Glad I could help

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