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Tech Tues: Ever wondered why Coeliac causes other AI conditions or causes such varied symptoms?

Here's a handy video

by an American Dr explaining:

- how your body responds to gluten

- why Coeliac Disease doesn't just effect the gut/stomach

- why Drs often recommend patients with other AI diseases like Thyroid, RA avoid gluten as well and take up a gluten free diet

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Found this very interesting and informative. We need more visual information like this on the Internet to raise public awareness of Coeliac disease.


That's a very interesting video, thanks for posting it. I have terrible neural and joint problems as a result of gluten and am slowly getting back to normal. What I'm curious about though, is why other foodstuffs ( in my instance potato flour/starch ) suddenly have a similar effect when you go GF? I know dairy is a problem and understand why ( the tips of the villi need to heal ).


Very good! Thank you for posting this. Many of us in the periphery know that Coeliac affects more than just our guts, and that it's tied to other Autoimmune disorders or diseases, but it can be easy to forget.

I shared it with many friends and family, thank you! :)

@ NoodleUnit, other foods that you may have been intolerant of will start coming to the forefront and affecting you more as your body detoxes from the gluten. It took almost 2 yrs and I found out I could no longer tolerate corn and peppers and chile. :(


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