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Taking the gluten free plunge

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So I have hashimotos, I've been doing a lot of reading on it today and gluten free seems to be the first step to take.

I'd love to hear how gluten free helped you?

How did you go gluten free?

Why do gps and endos not recognise the benefits of gluten free diet?

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I have been gluten free for nearly a year now. I also have Hashimotos. I tried once before and only lasted two weeks but this time I gradually replaced foods containing gluten with gluten free alternatives.

After about two months my head cleared and the aching went. I definitely feel better being gluten free.

Hi Osannie

Unfortunately the western world is heavily wheat based and the gluten free diet is now seen as a 'fad' diet by some.

The first thing I did when I had to go gluten free was to find a gluten free cookbook (it was long time ago, before I was connected to the internet). Finding as much information as possible helped with the change in diet. The book "Living gluten free for Dummies" was very helpful and the site "Coeliac Uk" also had useful information. I don't use many ready-made gf foods because of the additives and the level of sugar in a lot of them.

Good luck with the diet, I hope it works for you.

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spider555 in reply to Penel

Gluten is in so many foods. It's cheap for thickening sauces etc.

I'm trying but i do have the occasional chocolate eclair.

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Penel in reply to spider555

If you want to go gluten free you need to do your research on what you can and can't eat, otherwise you won't see any health benefits.

Don't forget to supplement with a high quality Iodine supplement. The lack of Iodine is what causes thyroid issues. You can forget about a doctor who isn't holistic tell you about it because they can't patent natural elements. In other words, they can't get rich selling it to you.

Thanks for yer replies. So I've been gluten free for about a week.

It's been fine so far, my only issue is that I am very windy which are also very smelly, is this detoxing? Actually almost embarrassing

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Penel in reply to osannie

A big change in diet can affect how your body works. If you are eating gf bread the additives may be causing the wind. If you are eating more vegetables, this could also cause wind.

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