Probiotics contain gluten!!!!

A study out this week from Columbia University has found that more than 50% of the probiotics brands they tested contained gluten. Even those labeled gluten free. Unfortunately they don't name and shame. But this may explain why I have been barely able to walk (Rheumatoid arthritis caused by gluten). Just started taking some new bifidobacterium probiotic tablets😠.

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  • Thanks for that. I have been thinking of using these o better look at the bifobacs instead.

  • They won't let on which brands they were. Means you just can't trust anything that's been manufactured. I'm really annoyed!!

  • I've found eating a helping of Saukraut every day is better than any probiotic - marvellous stuff !!healthbene...

  • And at least know what's gone into it. specially if you grow your own cabbages. I have a big pot of home grown stuff (and pickled turnip) at home. Good stuff! 😉

  • :)

  • Can you eat this if you have IBS?

  • I don't see why not. I have IBS only very occasionally now - the best thing I found for sorting out bowels was Swedish Bitters, but start gently!

    Available on line from Baldwins, long standing herbalists in London.

  • Thank you so much. I had IBS for 10 years now.Most of the symptoms because of my reaction to stress. I will give it a try.Do you think it will be a good idea to add a bit of cabbage in my green smoothies?Thanks

  • Not really sure - it might affect the taste and texture - I think I'd keep it separate - I just eat large spoonfuls of it.

    You can also use it in stews I'm told by Polish lady who runs our local health food shop (they use a lot of it in Poland) - she said to add it at the end, otherwise the potatoes don't cook!

  • Hi Ali_r, this is very interesting and important for many of us for obvious reasons, so thanks for telling us.

    I was curious where the gluten came from and why it isn't labelled and according to this it occurs in the production of the bacteria:

    So this tells us that gluten is and can be used in the production of probiotic's, just what we don't want.

  • Yes. And the cynicism of these probiotics manufacturers is just staggering, assuming that the researchers' results are correct, given that they are supposed to be making people better not worse. And gluten is one of the major causes of the dysbiosis that probiotics may help to repair. Grrrr

  • So frustrating they don't release the results. In essence, they have made all probiotics off-limits by doing so, since as a celiac, there's two categories - confirmed gluten free and not gluten free. I quit taking my probiotics when I read this. I knew many probiotics contain gluten, but I thought the GF ones would be safe!

  • Me too. I have barely been able to walk over the last couple of days (I have rheumatoid arthritis that is set off by even a tiny amount of gluten). Mind you some of the research suggests that simply taking resistant starch is as good as anything. That doesn't seem to have affected me so far. Keeping my fingers crossed

  • That is just so scary - what to do ?

  • Eat Kefir😊

  • thank you for sharing this, I shall pass it on!

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