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Acetic Acid aka Spirit Vinegar

Been gluten free now for nearly a year and getting on great but still struggling to understand why. Acetic Acid, (and sodium acetate) aka Spirit Vinegar, mimics the gluten effect for me.

I get the thing about undistllled vinegars, most particularly malt vinegar, and appreciate that the distillation process successfully removes gluten from the final product. So why d I suffer so badly after eating anything which contains this ingredient.

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Could it be that you are also intollerant to yeast? The two usually go hand in hand. Hope you get it sorted.

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This is an up to date article on the subject. Reactions are a very individual thing.



Thank you Penel for this link, I’ve been searching for an answer for months but not come across this one.

Feeling reassured that I’m not imagining the reaction (had 2 bad ones within the last week while in US). Will stick to Aspall’s and Lidl’s own brand wine vinegars in future which are the ONLY ones I’ve found to be safe for me.

Thanks again


The vinegar might be mixed with something. Caramel to alter the colour. But where does the caramel come from? Pure Acetic Acid is clear.

Are you aware chip shop condiment is not vinegar, but something else.

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Thank you FFNick.

Every snippet of info on here is so helpful. Fish n chips was one of the worst meals for me. Triple whammy, gluten batter (the best bit), chips fried in same oil, then all lathered in something else containing yet more gluten.

My wonderful local chippy will do Gluten Free (he has several CD and non CDGS customers) sadly just doesn’t taste the same though. Bit like when they stopped wrapping in newspaper, you need to be a certain age to remember those days lol.

Thanks again for your help.


It took years to find everything reactive , Looking at caramel, cooking oils and spreads might help.

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