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My blood test results


Back in February I asked for a blood test to check for coeliac disease because of years of IBS type symptoms. The surgery told me all was ok and results were normal. Since then I’ve been on the low fodmap diet so have eliminated gluten. I feel better but not 100% and still get symptoms etc. Anyhow, I was just looking at my test results online and notice that the levels are right on the very low side of normal, the Anti-tissue transglutnaae levels were 0.1 u/ml. Does this still mean that I definitely don’t have coeliac disease! The reason I’m confused is because a year ago I had the blood test and it’s was 0.3. I’m really not familiar with coeliac or the blood tests so am still a bit confused 🙄

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anything below 10 is considered normal but below 0 may mean other issues so needs referring to a specialist.

Interpreting results can be difficult. This hospital information may be useful.

If you are still getting symptoms it would be a good idea to go back and talk to your doctor.

Bear in mind each of us has different triggers. GF might just be part of it. By eliminating various triggers we make life bearable. The best expert is yourself, take advice from others to form your own diagnosis.

Maybe speak to Coeliac UK. They are usually very helpful

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