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Gluten challenge

Finally I'm getting a stool test for crohns an ultra sound biopsy for celiac and a sigmoidoscopy for crohns 😮 I'm happy but petrified of eating gluten again because I might of lost 6lbs just by eating a tiny bit of gluten and the doctor gave me no advice on how to do it safely any tips? 😮

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Hi Abi

This is a quote from one Coeliac site

“Unfortunately, there are no established medical guidelines for performing a gluten challenge”.

Reading advice from people on here, it seems to be best to start slowly and build up your gluten intake slowly. Everybody reacts differently. If you experience a bad reaction, you should talk to your doctor, as you can get medication to help with nausea, pain etc.

Good luck with all of your tests.


Thank you 😊 I had a wrap last night and have woke up with stomach pain but I deal with that nearly eveyday just worried about losing weight 😮


Try some peppermint or ginger tea to help with the stomach pains.

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Thank you I do that and it does help just decided to curl last night and not have them 😂


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