If gluten free are we allowed yeast?

Thank you.

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  • Hi Lucylocks,

    My answer would be yes :-) yeast is ok in a GF diet and you can make your own lovely breads etc. - the issue would be food sensitivity (Cambridge Nutritional Sciences do good tests) +/or gut dysbiosis especially candida albicans overgrowth, so if you start doing the candida diet then yeast needs to be removed for the duration... I used Dr Cobi Slater's book for Candida Diet.

    Best wishes :-)

  • Hi

    many thanks for your reply.

    I have hypothyroidism and have been advised to cut out gluten. I started doing this a week ago. I was doing some researching on the internet and came across gluten and yeast. I read that much and was starting to get confused with it all, hence the question

    It is interesting you mention candida albicans. Three months ago I started with a severe itchy rash on my hands, little tiny blister and thickend dry skin. The rash then went up my forearms. My Doctor said it was dermatitis and gave me an emollient, which did not help. The rash is still on my hands and arms and has now gone around my armpits, creases in neck, bottom of scalp and under breasts. I had a look yesterday on the internet and found this could be cause by a fungal yeast infection (candida)

    I have another appointment tomorrow with the Doctor.

    If it is a fungal infection I will have to cut the yeast out then, pity I have just made some gluten free bread with quick yeast.

    Do you know what can be used in the bread instead of yeast.

    Do you have candida?

    Any advice would be really appreciated.

    Many thanks.

  • Have you tried gluten free bread? I've been gluten free for over 1 year :-)

  • Hi

    yes I have tried Asda's own GF bread and I have just made my own and put yeast in it but not sure if I now have a issue with yeast, so until this is confirmed not sure which bread to get.

    Do you feel better for going GF?

  • lucylocks I shall PM you :-)

  • I’m gluten-free, but cannot have yeast either as I react really badly to it. I’ve had awful problems with candida, SIBO and other gut issues as well (and have Hashimoto's).

    If you google “gluten-free soda bread”, you can find some relatively acceptable recipes, and I’ve tried a few. It isn’t like “real” bread, but it’s close enough for me, and is nice toasted too. I often throw in sunflower and pumpkin seeds, just to make it more interesting.

  • Many thanks,

    I do think I have a candida problem.

    I will look at the soda bread.

    Best wishes.

  • Get Lufenuron for removal of all candida from body. Works well for me. Prevents fungus from breeding so is gone within days even awful itchy rashes - go online to buy

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