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Wheat free and yeast free


Hello all, my daughter has just discovered that she is wheat and yeast intolerant, just wondering if anybody here has the same problems and also do you have any recommendations that might help, ie is there such a thing as yeast free bread?

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soda bread is quick and easy to make, but it doesn't keep as well as yeast bread, and doesn't freeze very well either. Pancakes, waffles, scones, flatbreads are all good alternatives.


and be wary of gluten free foods -don't asume they won't have wheat in. Some of them have wheat starch, particularly the prescription foods seem to.

Several firms produce brads without codex starch.

The problem will be with the yeast free.

As dear Lois has just said...soda breads are easy to make....and its true they dont freeze well. Browse on net for Irish soda bread recipes...Paul Rankin does one...

People who are wheat intolerant tend to avoid low cal diet cola's as the sweeteners can be wheat derivatives. In the US corn is used mostly for artificial sweeteners like dextrose and maltodextrin but in the EU (UK) wheat is more commonly used. So it's worth checking with the manufacturer about the source of these derivatives. Maltodextrin and dextrose are 2 of the commonest, caramel colours E150b,c and d are wheat derivatives and surprisingly citric acid can be. Worth bearing in mind if you are wheat intolerant.

Obviously coeliac who are happy eating codex wheat are not going to have an issue with these additives. It's just worth bearing in mind for super sensitive coeliac and those with wheat intolerance.

There are some really easy Nan bread recipes on the web so just substitute with a wheat free flour.

Thanks for the answers guys, appriecated, will check out the soda bread recipes. We should have had her checked out years ago, what with me being coeliac, but she didnt seem to show any symptoms apart from acne really. Its the yeast free thing really, its in a lot of food stuffs isnt it!

Yes it is in a lot of things! I am also yeast sensitive and find that I have to avoid foods like musrooms and xanthan gum (which is in a lot of ready-made gf foods like cake).

This site may be of some help top8free.com/hidden-allerge...

Good luck to you and your daughter.

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