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Gluten free and now yeast free - prepared meals


I don't mind being gluten free because I feel better for it. Cooking for myself at home is no problem, and I'm getting used to asking about gluten free options when eating out.

Now I seem to be reacting to products containing baker's yeast too, which means gluten free bread is out, and so are most prepared meals because they contain yeast extract. I'm feeling quite down about this as my options suddenly seem much more limited than before. It means virtually everything will have to be home cooked from scratch - no escape from the kitchen.

Does anyone know of any prepared meals that are both gluten and yeast free?

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You might try products by biona. They are both gluten and yeast free.

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Is Biona a brand name and can you get it in supermarkets ? thanks

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Hi Maryelle, You can get Biona products from many health food shops and also from who do a wide range of gluten free foods. I haven't seen any in supermarkets near me. Biona do a great GF Worcester sauce.

I have the same problem but I can eat Teasco free from Pitta breads......

Hi Poing, I know you were asking about ready meals specifically but came across this recently and thought it might be useful for you: . It has details of using yeast-alternatives like Kefir sourdough starters for bread making. Also found this UK website which sells GF bread,rolls and snacks - there's a special yeast free section:

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Thanks Rita.

I think some strains of wild yeast are closely related to baker's yeast, so I'm pretty wary of trying out Kefir.

Hi poing

I had real problems with yeast a few years ago, but can now tolerate a little, although I prefer to avoid it. I'm not sure if that is common or not. I had the same thing happen with dairy but am now ok with lactose free.

I do sometimes make bread, using a mixture of gf flour with cream of tartar and bicarb of soda. It's pretty dense but makes nice toast. Having looked up kefir it appears to be like yoghurt, so if you are ok with dairy it might be worth trying?

I have tended to batch cook at weekends or have enough left-overs from the evening meal for next days lunch. Gave up looking for ready meals as I can't eat anything with xanthan gum either. The Biona products look a possibility

Hope you can find yourself something..

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I think I may be mildly lactose intolerant too, as I can feel queasy if I drink a large quantity of milk, but that's not a big problem - I just have to forgo the giant latte. Normal amounts of dairy, including butter, yoghurt and cheese, seem to be fine.

The yeast is a BIG issue - it stops me sleeping, gives me pains in my lymph nodes, a burbly tummy and a very sore tongue - so I plan to cut that out completely for quite a while. Then we'll see.

That means Kefir really is out for the time being. Yes, it contains probiotics similar to yoghurts, but also contains several strains of yeasts.

Thanks for the idea about yeast-free bread. Does it freeze?

The trouble with batch cooking is that my batches are never big enough. I often feed the other three members of my family with the same stuff and it goes very quickly.

My coffee treat now is a weak filter coffee with cream, it's lower lactose than milk.

The yeast free bread I make freezes well. I usually cut the loaf in half and keep one wrapped up in the fridge. The recipe is an old one from 'The Everyday Wheat-free & Gluten-free Cookbook' by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, called Rice and Maize 'Soda' bread. I experimented with different flours and now use mostly gram and buckwheat flour. There are more recipes around now than when I first started gf cooking! I'm only cooking for two now which makes life easier.

Shame about the Kefir, I don't think I'll be using it either.

This site looks a possibility but I have not tried any food yet.

Hiya i react to those things among others this is some stuff that hopefully might help:

Waitrose do some meals which are yeast and dairy free eg their dhals and currys (im allergic to dairy and nightshades so i cant give you a list) they also have gluten free fresh pasta made of chickpeas.

M&S also have some possiblitys..can you eat vinegar? i cant but there is one salad i can have from here the rice mango and crayfish salad(dont put the dressing on it!)

eating out: look for south indian restaurant these are excellent as most things are gluten and yeast and dairy free such as their pancakes(dhosa uttapham idli all great),

also i have been in contact with pho cafe and their stocks they make themselfs and are yeast free and come with rice noodles in them!

Anthony Warrel thompson does some chicken stock cubes and kallo do vege ones which are yeast free these are often availiable at sainsburys.

ocado have a yeast free filter on their site but it excludes everything unless it says yeast free on the packet! so its a bit scary but they do sell some gluten and yeast free ready meals eg stuff by freedom deli

'the spice tailor' curry sauces: many of these are gluten and yeast free

there are free from freezer section eh birdseye fish fingers (nice!) and some supermarkets sell things like special gluten free tortelini in the freezer by a brand called dietry specials i think (they have cheese in them so i cant), and Amys do gluten free burritos which may be yeast free Amys also do tinned soup some of which is yeast free

Orgran do a yeast free gluten free bread mix i havent tried this yet but am trying to track one down.

pancakes are great by the way you can use them like bread and they are quick and easy to make.

hope thats of some help. goodnessdirect can filter things with yeast and gluten free etc and is really usefull!

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