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been reading all the posts today,as I have been confined to the settee all day poorly

been unwell about fourteen years

have various diagnosis included fibro and APS

was advised on sticky blood site that gluten should be avoided,not just by celiacs,but by anyone with any auto immune disorders,and tried several times,each time failing

one time,just before another attempt,I asked go for blood test,again on advice from sticky site,but test was negative

this Christmas,I decided that i was definitely going gluten free after,and had been advised that fatigue,inflammation,brain fog would all improve in a short space of time

was disappointed to see no improvement in fatigue or brain fog,and worse still,inflammation has got worse

however,my ibs symptoms have improved

for years my stool has been loose and yellow,and I go up to five times a day

since going gluten free I go just twice and it is of normal appearance

I have had one accidental,and one deliberate slip,both resulted in tummy pain and yellow stool

yesterday there was nothing in to eat,and I resorted to the food my teenager had been given free at work,

It was biriyani,and the meat had been flour coated

I ate it twice,lunch and dinner

today I have been on settee all day

my face and tongue is numb and I have been unconcious

back to gp soon to discuss this

any advice?

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Maybe having your vitamins D and B12 checked would shed some light? Being deficient in these can make you feel pretty awful too. Especially since you have digestive issues. Vitamin B12 is absorbed into the gut so you could look into symptoms of these deficiencies and discuss with your GP. Just a thought.


have had D tested and am deficient

GP gives me ad al D3

not had B12 tested though

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It is an autoimmune disorder and as they usually come in packs, so to speak, it might be worth getting it checked. The Pernicious anaemia site is on here, might be worth having a look at it and the pinned posts, all the symptoms are listed on them.

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PS you don't have to be anaemic to suffer from it.


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