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Possible Gluten Intolerance?

Hello everyone, 7 months ago I came down feeling very weak, have had frequent constipation, chostocondritis (left side of chest, next to my sternum), real bad shortness of breath, tinnitus and palpitations. Also have suffered from anxiety because of these symptoms. I notice that when I eat bread, my nasal passages get inflamed, then I have a harder time breathing. I do not suffer from stomach aches though, so I had first written off gluten intolerance since I though every person with this intolerance has gone through belly pain. Even before all this came down, as a teenager, I used to suffer from chronic fatigue and mental fog at times not knowing the answer to it. I have not been tested for gluten intolerance yet, however, I'd like to know if any of you may have gone through a similar case?


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Have you had your bloods done to test for any thyroid issues? The exhaustion/brain fog etc point to that.

There's something called Hashimotos Thyroditis which I have that could answer your symptoms.

You could have started off hyperthyroid which would answer palpitations etc then with it you become hypothyroid hence brain fog, tiredness, constipation....

If you are Hashimotos then a gluten free diet is a must.

It is a very common disease.

I'd advise you get your bloods tested. Ask your GP for a complete thyroid profile including thyroid antibodies as this is the only way you will know if you have Hashimotos

Post your results on the thyroid group on this site for a irate reading of your bloods the dr may tell you the results are normal when not, a common problem. You could also get your cortisol tested at the same time to see if you have any adrenal issues that may explain your palpitations.

Yoga, ace for this.

Ps try gluten free for a bit and see how you feel.


Thyroid b12 and gluten are just a few which can give these symptoms suggest you go to dr with your concerns


Gluten could be a factor in your condition,


don't stop eating it until you've been properly checked out by your GP.

the tests for coeliac disease require you to be eating gluten up to and including the time of testing.

Then, after you get the results back (whatever they may be) you can try a gluten free diet to see if that helps with symptoms.

Right now the only accepted test for gluten sensitivity is an elimination diet.



This could be you thyroid, you're describing the classic symptoms. I have hashimotos (diagnosed this year ) & have had hyperthyroidism for some years. At the beginning of this year I crashed, but the significant thing is I too had chest pain, sinus inflammation (still dealing with this) brain fog, fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitations, pain in my ears etc. All this improved when my meds were increased BUT it is recommended that anyone within a thyroid issue goes gluten free,. I'd had the test a while back & it was negative, but I thought I'd give it a trial run.... & boy has it made a huge difference. I feel so much better, no palpatations, all my pains went, no brain fog,tinnitus went over night! & I have a lot more energy. I'm not saying this is what you have, but you should get tested.

test for gluten.

For thyroid you need

Free T4 & free T3 as well as your TSH

Also have B12



Vit D

All these must be optimal for your thyroid to work properly B12 particularly helps the brain

head over to the thyroid uk site (search for it at the top) & have a dig through, there is a lot of help & information there, post your question there & people more knowledgeable than myself will guide you further

Good luck


Hi Spanduer 90, what did your Doctor say about your chest pain and associated shortness of breath and did it just happen once , or is it ongoing?


Hello Misswoosie. He said it was due to chostocondritis... And indeed it is, as my sternum pops all the time. I took a thyroid tsh test and it came out as 3.110 uui/ml , so it came out normal. I haven't done the other thyroid tests... Yet.

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Sorry but normal is an opinion and NOT a result. A healthy person has a TSH around 2. TSH is a Pituitary hormone and tells you VERY little about thyroid activity. The Thyroid produces T4 which is a storage hormone. This has to convert into the ACTIVE thyroid hormone T3 - which is needed in every cell of your body. A TSH over 2.5 indicates your thyroid is struggling. As others have suggest have the CORRECT testing done to include the FT4 - FT3 and the Thyroid Anti-Bodies - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg.

Also I am betting your Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD will also be low in range. Docs think if you are in range all is well - but it is WHERE you are in the range that is important.

Look at the 3rd column - >2 and the suggested testing. If your Doc is not helpful details of Private Testing for all the above can be found on the same link.

I think you will be amazed that with optimal thyroid treatment and supplementation many of your symptoms will disappear.

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Chostocondritis and the inflammatory response may cause most of your initial symptoms. Of course other things cause tinnitus and palpitations, especially anaemias.

Have you considered your latter symptoms might suggest a proper allergy to wheat? Particularly in the absence of gut issues. Have a word with your doctor about proper testing then you'll not be eliminating unnecessary useful foods.

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Not everyone who has Coeliac has the classic gut issues. Everyone can suffer different symptoms. My symptoms were low iron and low B12 and D3 that would not rise despite taking supplements.


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