GFG Newbie - Am I Gluten sensitive?

For the last 3 months I have been feeling rough. Abdominal pain, Nausea, Loose stools, Frequent toilet trips. Doc sent me for Blood, Stool and Endoscopy tests. All came back clear. I'm still unwell. Nurse recommended I went Gluten free. I did that and have felt better since, but some symptoms have now returned a week later. What should I do next? How do I find out if I'm gluten sensitive for sure? Help, its getting me down.....Cheers all and I'm sure this questions has been posted a million times, but really needed some personal support. Thanks

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  • You need a camera put into your stomach, you can arrange it with your GP and it will be done up the hospital, It's not that bad.

    Exactly the same thing happened to me at first I thought a gluten free diet was working and then it got bad again. If you have had it for a while the chances are you also have a lactose intolorance now too (but this is only temporary) It is where the villi in the intestine get damaged by your immune system to stop you absorbing nutrients with gluten in. Villi digest lactose too.

    when I started my gluten free/lactose free diet you can still get it wrong sometimes even a headache pill can contain gluten or bulking agents, licking an envalope sharing kitchen utensils with a non coeliac or baking trays, chopping boards etc. Remember It's your own immune system doing this to you and it can detect a cold virus that is microscopic. hope this helps. Sam.

  • Keep a food diary - list everything you eat or drink and how you feel. You will start to spot patterns with certain foods. It may be that you have an allergy/intolerance to another substance,such as milk or yeast. At the very least it also gives you something to take to the doctor/a dietician about who can help diagnose the issue.

    At this stage you don't need an endoscopy as it may be a simple food intolerance, however you could try cutting out some of the common trigger foods, such as milk (but watch out for hidden milk in processed foods - will appear on the label as things like: caramel, buttermilk, whey powder, caseinates, lactose as well as the more obvious milk, cream, butter.

  • Hi Craig333, I hear you. I went gf (as well as I could) in December 2011 and immediately felt better. I've now been as gf as possible for almost 4 1/2 months and like you at times I've felt symptoms creep back in. I have severely reduced/almost cut out dairy (use lactose free milk on rare occasions, similarly lactose free cheese). I have also almost totally cut out caffeine, although very infrequently allow a decaff coffee. This definitely improved things. I also steer clear of soy products and try to avoid yeast. I don't know which if any of these is helping, but I do feel better without them. I limit the amount of 'gf' packaged/processed foods I eat as they contain so many items and I'm just not convinced the level of 'gf' is low enough for me. I think meanioni's idea is great, I certainly kept a food diary for the first month and started to see trends... Good luck with it! Stick with it though, your system probably needs a little time to start to regroup... :)

  • My advice is to cut everything out including dairy and anything with gluten. If you feel better then fine. You can then test the water with dairy products and if you still feel bad then you know what the problem is. You have to check the ingredients very carefully as there is a lot of hidden wheat in things you would not imagine. I am now dairy free, gluten free and vegetarian. It is very difficult but better than spending 4 days in hospital after eating a cheese sandwich. It is going to be very difficult on holiday.

  • I had the exact same problem...felt better then worse again. I've only been gf for 5 weeks. Recently cut out dairy which has helped so so much, would definitely recommend trying it!

  • I agree with what the others said, I had that gastroscopy, I was well scared and felt nothing at all. I went though everything you have said, i aint lacrose intolerant, but I am also intolerant to the codex wheat starch that is in some GF foods and also the gluten in oats even if they are safe oats for CD's. Don't worry, just read, loads of labels. I joined Ceoliac Uk and got a 'bible' of all the stuff i can eat, it is great for me as it also says the codex wheat starch stuff that i can't have. Feel fab food wise now.

  • Thanks everyone for your answers and support. Appreciate you all taking the time to reply. Will try all the above. The food diary is underway.

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