Not sure what to eat after reaction

So I have had bubling away intermittently in my stomach for past 3-4 days after eating 4 slice of wheat free rye bread each day 2 days prior.

I had rashes and brain fog, now I have gluten free oats but I'm not sure if they will get contaminated with the gluten already in me, so I'm scared to eat.

I struggle with what to eat as I'm health conscious and also my dinner is always buckwheat pasta. The buckwheat pasta I introduced to my diet the same time as the bread, so I don't know what is causing it. Now I'm confused as I can't think of anything to eat (I am vegan).

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  • Rye contains gluten.. Are you coeliac / gluten insensitive?

  • I didn't think I was I must be or I feel i have leaky gut. I need to eat and have no idea what to eat

  • Have you tried free from pasta which is widely available in supermarkets?

  • Perhaps try some quinoa, if you haven't already.

    The gluten will pass out of your system, although the effects can linger for some time. Ginger tea may help settle your stomach, or just stick to drinking water.

    There are lots of vegan recipes on the web.

  • I think you need to chat with the GP because as you say you already restrict certain things being vegan so dipping in and out of an elimination diet may leave your diet lacking certain micro nutrients as well as making it very hard to pin point where the issues are ie it may disguise some intolerances and / or create sensitivities elsewhere. A gp can refer you to a dietician who would help you eat healthily whilst you are eliminating and being tested. Good luck

  • Oh my goodness who told you Rye is gluten free?

    Sadly some oats will also cause the same reaction, as far as I am concerned oats are on my taboo lists, I end up ill after eating these.

    Buckwheat is also not gluten free.

    You can get gluten free pasta, I am not vegan so I cannot offer any suggestions. of course there are other issues you will have to address regarding nutrition. hopefully one of our vegan will be able to help you, but please steer clear of any grains that are not gluten free. You need to check the labelling.

  • Buckwheat not gluten free - really? It says on the packet it is. I am refering to the pasta Fidgetsmum

  • It is - but cross-contamination can be an issue.

  • Agree with the others that you need to consult a doctor and dietitian so that you can eat safely without causing further problems. Let us know how you get on. Best wishes Diane

  • I stand corrected on Buckwheat not being gluten free. Now why is Aunt Jemina labelled not suitable for gluten free diets.?

  • Ingredients or additives apart from buckwheat? Possible cross contamination during manufacture?

  • Hi I've just looked on a bag of buckwheat flour and it says 'low gluten' this is doves whole meal. The buckwheat pasta says gluten free yet it's made with buckwheat flour??? Rang sainsburys and they said if pasta says gluten free then it is. They would not be allowed to put that if it isn't. Confused .@fidgetsmum

  • Doves Farm haven't labelled their bags of buckwheat flour as 'GlutenFree' for quite a while now, because of problems with cross contamination (grown next to fields of wheat, I think).

    There are other brands of buckwheat flour that are gluten free, like Big Oz or Sussex Wholefoods.

    If you're having problems with buckwheat pasta, it may be because buckwheat doesn't suit you.

  • Thank you for that - very helpful. I think you're right. Buckwheat doesn't seem to suit me as my symptoms came back after eating it twice.

  • I don't know, this was when I was in the States and I wanted to make buckwheat pancakes, read the packet and put it back on the shelf, assuming it was the buckwheat, as I couldn't see anything else that could be the demon. never touched buckwheat since, but now I will give it a try. I see Doves farm does buckwheat flour.

  • It is low gluten. Don't go there.

  • I will stay away from it. So the labelling the States is correct. I checked the Coeliac site and it said buckwheat was gluten free, but then again, I have had reaction from a few of things on the list such as oats to name one. No wonder we have problems.

  • Hi Fidgetsmum I just checked on Coeliac site as well but it's funny I've had a real knock back this week. I went GF about 6 weeks ago and felt great. I had buckwheat pasta twice last week and all my symptoms came back and I felt terrible. Not eating it again.

  • If I get a reaction from anything that is supposed to be gluten free, I will try it again and see what happens, it I get the reaction again, it's off my list. I find that the preservatives in a lot of processed GF foods also have an adverse reaction, so I cook from scratch. I only have a husband at home now, so it is easy to be GF. When I stay at my son's, his wife is GF, she loves it because I understand and she knows her kitchen wont be cross contaminated. She has everyone in their GF. Life is so much easier this way.

  • You could use Big Oz buckwheat flour, or Sussex Wholefoods buckwheat flour (in the UK). They are both labelled gluten free, unlike Doves Farm.

    We use buckwheat to make pancakes, or galettes, amongst other things.

  • Each person has a unique diet. Sounds like buckwheat is a no-no for you. Have you tried Rice pasta, contains nowt but rice. There are four basic foods which humans can survive on. Then add to that punitive diet to see what is causing the reaction. Instant reaction can be gurgling stomach, followed by pebble dash 24 hours later. A dietician will help.

    GF labels are bogus. GF means content can be measured in parts per million. So not completely free. Some foods are naturally safe to eat. Water, bananas, rice and most veg.

    Additives can be derived from other foods. Where did they come from? A common one is caramel, burnt sugar, from where?

  • I use brown rice-pasta. Corn pasta makes me swell terribly, which means I have to check with restaurants to see which GF pasta they use; it's usually corn 😥 White rice 'pops' me as well so no rice with my Indian curry either we all have to find what upsets us, and then be vigilant…it ain't easy 😯

    Good luck with it all, fellow traveler 😉

  • I am coeliac and I can't eat rye

  • If you are still bubbling several days later. Could be an infection in stomach. Starve gremlin by eating little and often for 2-3 weeks. Or look at what you are eating and eliminate each in turn for several days. Best of luck.

    Some staple foods are coated in contaminates at infinitesimally low amounts, they are not mentioned.

  • One Green planet have some awesome vegan and gluten free recipes

  • What a long thread! Firstly rye isn't a gluten free grain so will affect coeliacs badly.

    Secondly, buckwheat is Gluten free but is not a grain - it's more like rhubarb. It is one of the highest oxalate foods so you may not tolerate it.

    If you need to follow a vegan diet and make other limitations then do ask your GP for a referral to someone who can help.

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