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Yellow stool worried thank u everyone

Hi everyone . I ask for your help once again .I have tried to find answers elsewhere and on here .so as not to waste anyone's time .so thank you in advance .

I am hashimoto and to aid reduction in my residual symptoms since medical help reached limit . As in blood levels in range on liothyronine.

I like many of you went gluten free about 4 years ago .and may this year took the plunge and went dairy and sugar and aspartame free .I also "went"alcohol and soy free . (I had negligible amounts of latter two before this).

Gradually I am having more and more bright yellow stool .sometimes it's beige to grey . I hardly ever pass my normal stool .which was dark brown .I also was constipated for last 30 years or more. And the new diet since may has made me pass soft formed stool .which is great except for the colour .I also have to rush to the toilet almost .

I am going to get my bloods done for liver tests and full blood count renal profile etc just in case .

But other less sinister reasons would be nice to know of

Thank you from worried


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There are a lot of things that can cause this problem. Both a big alteration in diet and stress can lead to changes in bowel habits. If you are eating ready-made gf foods the additives (emulsifiers etc) can also cause digestive problems for many people.

Good luck with all your tests, I hope this is resolved soon.


If you have problems with your gallbladder or liver there can be a reduction of bile in your intestine, which can cause yellow stools.

I sometimes have yellow stools when I've eaten something highly spiced (yellow spices) - but it's passed within a day.


Thank u for your reply . And your good advice and concern .

This bit is added in in hindsight .think u could be on to something with the spices bit . Explained below at end .

I have had my blood results now and fortunately liver function test came back normal range . So as no pain or jaundice etc am thinking that may be fast transit when I have lots of almond milk as read somewhere that the stool is pale grey /beige if no bile added and yellow if added and turned brown at nwxt stage when bacteria gets to work on it .so fast transit can be yellow .but also poor absorption and so coeliac can have yellow stool for instance .

I might go back doctor and ask for other reasons and tests .

But as u know they don't get trained in much on nutrition so maybe a dietitian may have the knowledge to throw light on the problem

Thank you so much for taking time to advise .

And yes spicy food .I have been adding lots of dried seasoning to meals .called garlic italian seasoning .going to check the ingredients out .

Or see the correlation .will let u know



What colour is your urine?


Thank u rodeojoe for caring . It's mostly pale an d normal. I don't know if u read reply to Jack's above .But liver fun tion results came back normal so big sigh of relief. Jack's suggested spicy foods .and I have lots dried spices and herbs about same amount time been having this problem .so will be watching for any correlation .

But no jaundice no pain no enlarged organs palpated so think in clear .

Stool varies from yellow back to brown .much much more infrequent has been very pale.

Will let everyone know the culprit when find out .

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