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Gluten Free/Yeast Free Foods

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I am doing research to find out about gluten free & baker's yeast free cooking. my husband has been dealing with eczema for a while. Allergy skin tests showed reaction to Wheat, so we went gluten free about a year ago, the rash improved but has not gone away, so we did a food sensitivity test which showed high reaction to Baker's Yeast. Websites on Baker's Yeast insensitivity are very confusing. I am looking to figure out how to cook. I read everywhere that you should include yeast extract too. Anyone have any suggestions?

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I just did a quick search Gluten free yeast free And it brought up from doves. One called conors. So it might be worth looking

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Is your husband still drinking milk? My husband radically improved his eczema by cutting out cow's milk. He moved onto using either goat's milk, oat milk, rice milk and that sort of thing although all those changes were made long ago and he sneaks in regular cow's milk now without any problems - mind you he doesn't have that much.

He also discovered that he was allergic to lanolin - which was what he used to use to keep his skin soft so he moved on to using E45. And during the plooen season he takes a one a day antihistamine to stop his hay fever.

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Concerned in reply to Fruitandnutcase

For people with lactose intolerance especially, milk can be a real problem.

However, insulin resistance is far more prevalent in Europe; the disruption of hormones causes a variety of conditions associated with auto-immune responses, stress, impaired repair and recovery.

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Penel in reply to Concerned

Lactose intolerance is common in people whose villi have been damaged by gluten.

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Tybee in reply to Fruitandnutcase

We had him tested for food sensitivity and the top was Baker's Yeast along with almonds, basil and cod fish. His skin tests reacted to wheat. So I found a yeast free, gf free, dairy free, nut free, soy free, potato free, etc. bread. Made it last night and it is great. We have thought about dairy a lot, especially cheese. He puts cream in his coffee and won't give that up.😜

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There is a link with yeast and autoimmunity. Was listening to Amy Myers talk about it.

Also gluten and casein (in milk) look almost identical to the body so if your sensitive to one you're likely to be sensitive to the other. Almond milk is a delicious alternative. Avoid soya if he has thyroid problems.

Yes Dove's farm has a website and is good. I'm sure they could answer your questions too.

Hi Tybee, Biona make a gluten free yeast free bread available in H&B Waitress and Aldi amongst others:

As for gf baking yeast is only a raising agent and some manufacturers use baking powder as a raising agent.

When replacing gluten egg whites are fantastic so converting ordinary recipes that contain eggs is quite easy. I buy Doves farm flour from the supermarket and just substitute that for nasty wheat flour.

When it comes to bread making I'd try flat breads which don't need raising agents and pancakes are amazing for an quick alternative as how long does it take to make a batter and then cook it. I see pancakes as fast food for coeliac.

I'd also experiment with making bread rolls first as they are a smaller and easier to make than loaves.

Just after I was diagnosed I saw a tv program about desert nomads and they made a fire in the middle of nowhere and made a basic flat bread with just millet flour and water and they cooked in a tagine over an open fire...and I thought wow if they can do that what can I make in my kitchen.

I also agree with the comments about lactose and there is a simple hydrogen breath test which your Dr can arrange which will confirm it.

As for recipes I'd google 'yeast free gluten free recipes' and try some of them.

So good luck and if the smoke detector goes off its over cooked LOL.

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This is an old post which might be useful.

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I'm on a gluten free and yeast free diet (and according to a blood test last year I'm also intolerant to eggs, sugar, dairy, soya, most nuts and seeds, amaranth, maize and corn - so I'm a very restricted diet!) so I'm quite an expert in learning how to eat good nutritious food within a restricted diet by now. The info I got from the lab where I got my blood test was helpful so I'll give you some of their advice below:

So to avoid all yeast in foods you need to cut out everything that is fermented and any with the potential to be mouldy:



tamari/soy sauce



fermented food like Kefir, cheese, sauerkraut, kimchi

dried fruit

rice and other dried goods that have been in the cupboard too long which will accumulate mould in our damp climate

marmite and yeast extract

stock cubes


I know it's a daunting list but there are plenty of other foods to eat. Instead of using stock cubes, I use herbs and good quality salt to flavour my foods. For gravy, I use the juices of the meat and add herbs and water from the veg, you could also add corn flour to thicken. I have noticed an improvement in my symptoms by cutting these out (I have Fibromyalgia and Lupus). I don't eat any type of bread. So instead I eat leftovers from dinner for the following day's lunch. Or oat cakes. We eat rice a lot, and spaghetti made from brown rice (the Doves Farm one is good) and millet or Quinoa instead of couscous. I eat lots of fresh fruit and veg and good quality meat.

I hope that helps!

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You need to remove bad sugars gluten yeast and dairy from your diet for a while to see improvements. Recipes are easy and wonderful to eat and make. It makes such a differences to your lifestyle

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