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How to discribe the pain?

I keep being asked how I would discribe my abdominal pain but it doesn't seem that many Dr's or nurses seem to understand me. Can anyone maybe help me discribe this better?

It's a heavy pain, like I've got a boulder in my lower tummy that radiates in different places depending on what position I'm in (on bad days). On a normal day to day basis it's like bad gas or horrid period cramps but constant, no let up after passing wind or visiting the bathroom. Like a bad headache or migraine in my lower tummy. It's like carrying a weight around all day long and never getting comfy no matter how I sit and being too tired to stand for long.

I've tried comparing it to gas, to Nova virus pains, to period pains and to labour pains (labour was lovely by comparison btw).

Can anyone help me with trying to explain this to my Dr? I'm being tested for celiac but every new dr I see I have to go over it all over again and they all seem confused by my discribing it. Can anyone relate to what I've said above?

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Hi there.I think maybe you have to ask your GP for a scan or a colonoscopy to be on the safe side.If there is nothing then is functional and probably IBS.I can relate to that and this is what I've done.It happened a long time ago when I've been first diagnosed with coeliac.I've noticed that in my case the stress makes it worse.

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Thank you for replying.

My Dr is doing bloods (3rd set this year) but I listen to advice from a nurse who though my normal dr was looking in the wrong direction and took a list of all my symptoms to a new dr who's told me that even if these bloods come back negative she'll still have an endo done to be sure. I hope I can find answers soon.

How bad is it to be celiac? I have a family friend who's celiac but hers wasn't caught until late in life and she suffers badly. I admire her dearly but I'll never forget how bad her celiac is.

Part of me hopes this is celiac cos then I'll have answers and something I can do to try and fix it. But I also don't want it to be cos I don't want my family to go though the hardships my friends family goes though.

I wish testing didn't take so long lol.

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I've been coeliac for 12 years now.I've been diagnosed after 2 years of suffering and probably lucky because I know people that they've been diagnosed after 10 years.Its not easy but with diet is getting better.Good luck

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Thanks alot.

I'm just going to have to be pacient. What's a few more weeks of pain if I can get some answers, or atleast make headway, afterwards right. I've managed this long and I'm way more fortunate then my friend is with her symptoms.

Thanks again


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