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Bloating so severe it causes me to throw-up gas

Hi everyone, new here but have been browsing for a few months now, and wondered if anyone else had suffered what I go through?

I've been GF for years now, wheat being the biggest issue for me, and I carefully avoid it in everything. I eat a sensible, balanced diet (I'm overweight, but it's due to lack of exercise more than anything else), but over the past year, it's definitely been getting worse when it does strike.

I'm definitely familiar with the sensation of bloating :( it nearly always hits several hours after eating, and I swear if you were to stick a pin in me I'd literally explode. Some recent sessions though have been so bad that it makes me physically sick. I'll literally have to dash to the toilet and will heave and throw-up, but no food comes out, it's just pure gas rushing out. And it'll carry on around an hour apart. The pressure and resulting pain is intense and will last all night and well into the morning, leaving my tummy feeling sore for days after.

It's not always this bad. Often it's just bi-directional wind instead! Which, while still highly painful, isn't quite as dramatic. Laying down makes it worse for sure, and usually, when it's hitting hard I find being on all-fours to be the most comfortable position.

I'm seeing my Dr. on Monday because I've been hit with this 4 times in the past month, which is excessive (and without having eaten out once, or a change in diet), and I'm suspecting it may be unrelated to GF and be something very wrong going on inside. I'm genuinely worried I won't be able to persuade them just how extreme and painful it is. I'm also on anti-inflammatories for gout, which until a few months ago I had been prescribed without a proton pump inhibitor, which are known for causing stomach ulcers.. so perhaps this is actually some kind of perfect storm combination of gluten intolerance and that? :(

On the plus side, it feels better to have written this down.

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Have your gallbladder, liver and pancreas been scanned. It sounds like upper digestive tract ... and something is not working properly! Also get tested for H Pylori


You don’t indicate your age or male/female, just that a friend had these symptoms linked to ectopic pregnancy.


Hi there, have you considered that it might be another food that you are becoming intolerant to? Perhaps dairy as that does sound like it could be dairy intolerance. I've gradually become intolerant to different foods over the years and a qualified dietician told me that when you are intolerant to one food type, you are likely to develop further intolerances. Perhaps it would be a good idea to keep a food diary to work out when you get these episodes and what they might link to?

In addition, anti inflammatories are terrible for GI issues, it's highly likely that they are contributing to your issues. They can cause excrutiating stomach pain and vomiting. I can't take them as I have kidney issues but even before that I couldn't take them because they made me so sick and I know I'm not alone in that.

I'd try not to worry if I were you (I know it's easier said than done!), I've had very similar symptoms and had all sort of tests and it always boils down to food intolerances or chemical sensitivity.

I'm sure your doctor will be able to provide you with some reassurance.

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Keeping a food / symptom diary can be a good idea. There are several possibilities when it comes to bloating etc.

Tha additives in some ready-made gluten free foods can cause gut problems, things like emulsifiers, cellulose, gums are often found in gluten free breads.

Dairy is a common problem for people with Coeliac disease, you may find that you can tolerate lactose free rather than regular dairy.

You could perhaps have a look at the low FODMAPs diet, it can alleviate gut problems in a lot of cases.

Good luck with the doctor.


Sorry, 40s and male, so not that.


Thanks for the comments everyone. I’ve often wondered if food intolerances, especially with my experience of wheat, don’t always hit right at the point of consumption. I’ve found in the past what feels like it “building up” over a longer period of time. As if my body can cope in a small scale for a while, but then it all gets too much and hits in a huge prolonged bought of bloated pain.

This isn’t related to my post, just an observation. I’ll definitely ask if they can test for the usual suspects. I’ve never had a scan before. Probably about time.


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