So confused, been glutened

A few days ago I ate alot of gluten full food (pizza that I was told was Gluten free but they gave me the wrong one) and I had the usual pattern occure but the pain didnt go higher then a 5 but mostly stayed around a 4 (I have a 1 - 10 scale system, 8 is equal to labour pains, 10 is where i black out from it and 4 is ouch but manageable). I didn't feel too horrid, just like a little more bad then normal.

Then yesterday I was out with kids and had people verbally abusing us in streets so hid in a cafe. Kids were hungry so I grabbed the eggs on the menu and a coffee. Within an hour my lad and I had rashes and my pains shot up to a 6. Today I'm at a 9, feel so weak and faint and just pain horrid today.

But I'm confused cos the other day day I ate glutened foods but had a slight reaction, yesterday I had tiny amount and had huge reaction. Is this normal or am I some freaky kinda weirdo.

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  • Quite possibly your body coped with the first dose of gluten but tipped it over the edge with the second lot. I think had it just been the pizza you would have had a reaction before the second meal. But equally it could have been something completely different there is even a chance that it could have been a touch of food poisoning.

  • My friend and I went though my food diary and checked at the coffee shop I was in yesterday. Turns out their coffees have gluten which wasn't known by staff there. So I had three coffees and that's probably why I'm so worn out today. That's what my friend thinks.

  • Coffees with gluten in them??? :O thats awful! Out of interest and self preservation was it a chain of coffee shops or a single cafe? I guess I am asking if it is somewhere that people like us should avoid??

    Hope you are feeling better quickly! I know sometimes it takes me a week to feel back to normal after being glutened!

  • Pumpkin cafe and another one to do with crusts in the name, sorry. I was getting verbal abuse on the street so went into first safe space I found and didn't really look at the name lol.

    My reserve has since concluded that hot chocolate, latte and chapachino can contain gluten. Along with any coffee or tea that has those extra flavour shots that coffee chains have. Yet I've never had a problem with hot chocolate or mochas from tesco cafe (or with their veggie meals- I sometime grab omelette for me and porridge for kids there as a treat).

    My hubs got KFC as a treat last night. Only two gluten free items on menu lol - chips and corn on cob. I was worried about crosscon with chips but turned out fine.

    Thanks. I think I'm feeling better but I'm not too sure yet. Still in bed as was in too much pain to get up ealier. I've got my sister staying for a while so she's helping with kids. So great to not be alone. She has chrons so she understands how I feel better then a my anyone.

  • Thanks for the heads up, I will ask about gluten in coffee when I am buying it now as had not thought of it before! I have wondered why I have symptoms and cant think of any way I could have had gluten!

    Glad you are feeling better and have your sister there who understands too.

    Hope the verbal abuse in the street stops too! That can't be nice! xx

  • It's normal these days. Part of why I don't venture out often lol. My little town is lovely but was in leeds city on a sat evening. So kinda to be expected for me. But my sister wouldn't be safe gping though leeds town on her own at night so I went with kids as hubs was working. It all worked out well in the end.

    I did ask the staff but they said no gluten. Most takeaways are carefully taught about things like this but not coffee shop staff.

  • why is it normal? why are people abusing you? You should not have to put up with that!

    I often find that the servers in shops have no clue about gluten and its not the first time I have walked out due to lack of knowledge and fear of cross contamination!

  • I'm muslim female in hijab. White skinned. Often get along of hassle in leeds city so don't go if I can avoid it. I'd normally nit risk buying in a shop woth no knowledge, not worth it for my kids, but I needed an excuse to stay there yesterday so took the risk (two coffees and some milk for kids gave me a good excuse to stay in the shop til my sister's train came lol).

  • Hi Ummijan, here's a list of gluten free Leeds:

    I like the look of lots of things and like the look of the bacon sandwich in the Well and the chocolate brownie in the museum...

    And I hope you feel better soon, gluten acts in strange ways and has an accumulative effect so trying to figure it out is not always straightforward.

  • My friend thinks that the stress combined with the coffee just sent my system into overdrive as I'm still in alot of pain today (passed out from it this morning :( but I think I'm feeling better now. I'll find out when I brave getting outta bed lol)

    Thank you for the link. I'll take a look.

  • Thats awful! no one should have to get stressed like that! everyone should be able to be themselves without being judged!

    Hope it gets better x Hate crimes make me so mad!! xx

  • Drinks made through 'machines' - ie not prepared separately are likely to be contaminated with gluten. It's in all the coeliac literature. Why? Some drinks have barley in them. Also, if you drink coffee - to be truly GF avoid the instant variety. A tea bag and hot water is a safer option.

    KFC - chips unlikely to be gf. The frozen chips are probably separated with wheat flour. Avoid rubbish like that.

    About the name calling - if I went into Leeds town centre in a Newcastle football shirt I would also get abuse, so if I chose to do so I would avoid areas where that might happen (or wear another item to cover it). If I was female and with a short skirt and highly made up I might experience another type of abuse. It's important to see things in context especially as the psychological distress may have caused your health problems afterwards.

  • Tea bags make me I'll sometimes too. Some brands add wheat to the bag as filler so they can sell more or cheaper bags. So I avoid tea bags (really common with herbal teas also). I'll normally take my own drinks with me where I go so i know what's safe or not. The other day was an exception cos we ended up waiting in town for way longer then expected.

    And I agree, I avoid leeds where possible because of the stress it can cause. Even if I'm just in hijab and not got my face covered we get issues sometimes, not fair on my kids to see that so if I have to go leeds I try to go in mornings when the drunkards are still in bed lol. Also the bus station os pretty safe and the train station is pretty roudy. Also I avoid boar lane in an afternoon with the pubs n such. Again morning is the best time for leeds trips for any woman I find.

    Yh, I'm mostly sticking to veggs and such lately. Anything else seems to make me feel sick :( but I like peas so who needs anything else lol

  • Sorry about this:

    Is bloody stools normal in gluten intolerance or celiac?

  • Pretty sure it's not. Definitely worth a trip to the gp.

  • Yh. I'm gonna see them today.

  • Saw Dr. They are not wanting to test for IBD which I'm not excited about. I just want to be normal again :( and I want to be healthy again asap as we want another baby

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