Lesson finally learnt today!!

I don't know if this wilI help anyone else struggling? I posted in here a while ago saying that I was having a problem staying away from the gluten... I have been very good since all your encouraging posts. I am intolerant not CD. I do get a reaction but it has never really "hit" me before. Yesterday I went out for a meal, was told they gluten free menu's but once seated they couldn't find it!? I succumbed and had a "normal" meal... Today, I have had the biggest reaction to date, severe tummy upset, terrible pains in my stomach, headache and feeling generally bad all day. This has finally made me realise the damage I am doing to myself as the reactions seem to be getting worse each time I lapse... NO more gluten for me!!

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  • I'm not sure tony62, I am still learning and finding out all the hidden ingredients in the foods we eat today. I will be sticking to basic, unprocessed foods from now on.

  • very foolish of you, at least you will be more careful in future. Surely some veg and plain meat would have been fine, minus gravy.

  • Yes, very foolish, I seem to really make myself pay for my lessons in life.... I am old enough to know better!

  • Have you considered getting tested for coeliac?

  • I have been tested 3 times! 1st one they said I wasn't second I was then the third I wasn't!!!! I've had the cameras too, apparently i'm not...

  • Oh dear!

    Well think you are making the right decision. Like I said before it is a one-way street in that it gets worse not better over time and I, like yourself reached a point of saying "no more"...

    If we can be of any help, let us know. These days there are plenty of alternatives available so if you get stuck searching for a specific item just shout and we'll do out best to help.



  • The difference between being diagnosed a coeliac and not. I haven't eaten out in over 6 months because it is so tricky. I don't want lymphoma, it's as simple as that.

  • Thank you to everyone that has posted, it is really nice to now that others are there to help and to give me an honest answer/opinion. x

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