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How long does it take for a GF diet to take effect?


What I mean is if someone starts a GF diet, how long does it take for their symptoms to go away?

For example my pains are less today and I started this yesterday (my last tiny gluten was midday). But I'm still brain fog, still grumpy and still got some pains just not as bad and still got headaches and other stuff but not as bad either, even my gas is a little less. I had more energy this morning then I'm used to but I'm still got heavy eye lids and such. My headache keeps going up and down like someone's using a dimmer switch on it. Is this normal? Have I got this in store for a couple weeks? How long until I'm normal again? Or atleast until I know of this is working or not?

I feel hopeful but I'm also worried that this might not work and I don't know what I'll do if it doesn't work. Can anyone give me a rough timeline for getting better that I can self assess against?

I'm worried about what I'll do in a few weeks when my hubs goes back to work and isn't here to support me.

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Hi my headache started to go after about a week and I started feeling a bit better after a couple of weeks, it's well worth doing it I've started taking vitamin tablets to and that has defiantly helped. Have you been diagnosed with an intolerance? And where is your pain if you don't mind me asking? Cos mine was my bladder and after 5 months it's defiantly alot better Paula x

It does vary a lot from person to person, but your symptoms sound 'normal'. Hopefully you should notice an improvement after a couple of weeks. Your recovery time probably depends on how long you have been eating gluten after your body stopped being able to cope with it.

You may need to give up dairy/milk for a while (if you drink it), as damage to the guts may that you are not able to cope with digesting it. Too much dairy still makes me feel nauseous even after several years of being gluten free.

Ummijan in reply to Penel

Thank you again.

And I'm sorry everyone if all my posts are irksome. I'm just trying to get all this sorted in my head and my hubs doesn't understand it, he's trying bless him. He asked me why a tiny amount isn't okay, I said it's like eating glass, even a tiny amount can do alot of harm. It's all or nothing. He is trying bless him.

Penel in reply to Ummijan

Please don't worry about being irksome!

If you are in the U.K. you might want to join or get advice from Coeliac UK. Perhaps you could get your husband to read the information?

Ummijan in reply to Penel

Thanks so very much :)

It is different for everyone . Depends how much damage has been done. Some symptoms started to clear after 3 days like my skin blisters and blepharitis on my eyes. I felt more energetic and I didn't feel so full and bloated after eating. After a month however I felt poorly and went downhill. My iron had been low and because of the rubbish gluten free supermarket food, it tipped even lower. I got put on strong iron(don't take iron supplements unless you've had blood test) and my bread on prescription from Juvela which is fortified and 2 years later I feel much better but my iron levels don't stay up without help from strong iron supplements which give me indigestion and constipation. Celiac UK told me it can take 5 years to come right. I can't wait! 😊 don't worry to ask questions. I felt very alone at first until you realise how many are the same. Coeliac UK and Juvela have been so helpful and they're always so kind and patient if you ring up or email with a question.

Ummijan in reply to BronB

Thank you very much.

I went to a petrol station on the way to our ferry today (visiting Ireland for the day) and could only get hardboiled eggs pack and some popcorn lol. And on board they had gluten free caramel shortcake (gave me a free piece for trying to sell me a gluten full one by accident) and it was so full of sugar, I'll not get it again but it was nice to eat something a little more solid. We've planned where to get food in Dublin, theres a mosque that has a resurant and a salad bar, so that's us sorted lol.

Yes, celiac uk is a very useful website, so it this. I also liked glutendude blog, puts a light honor spin without losing the seriousness of this.

Thank you everyone for you support. I'm very greatful.

Ummijan in reply to Ummijan

Think I spoke too soon.

Half hour after the caramel shortcake I'm in the bathroom not having fun and my tummy pain is bad again. I didn't expect this. All I've read online say I feel normal again in a couple weeks and then glutened can be bad after that. I check the indredents off the GF cake, don't know why I feel so bad. Not my sea legs on this ferry cos I'm not one for sea sickness. I don't understand how I got so bad after just a small cake whilst I'm still not recovered from the gluten habits. I only went GF a day and half ago.

I'm scared to tell my hubs cos he'll be worried about me bless him. But I feel so horrid and I just wanna sleep and be sick lol. Need some water maybe.

I also feel really hot, like I'm sweating, everyone else is wrapped in coats and I'm as hot as a kettle here :( that normal or am I just a total freck?

Oh I feel so disheartened. I didn't expect this, I'd been so careful.

Only crosstam I can think of it with my kids having a bun but I am sure I clean their and my hands before I ate mine :/

Sorry for the rant. I've got no where else to get a baseline on this from. Don't know if this is normal or if I'm just crazy or weird or something.

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