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Can pregnancy bring on the symptoms of CD?

All through my 5 pregnancies I have been ill with what now looks like CD symptoms, ranging from bloated tummy,constipation, explosive diarrhea and stomach cramps worse than labour. This all starts from about the 8th week of pregnancy. I'm anemic even when not pregnant. Just wondering if my two kids may have got CD from me.

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Hi mummy05, Have you been tested for coeliac disease? If you have got CD then it is possible that one or more of your children may also at some point in their lives also get CD. It is perhaps best, if you suspect that they may have symptoms to have them tested via your GP.


As far as I know, what causes coeliac disease is not clear, but it has been suggested that pregnancy, surgery, viruses and severe emotional stress could trigger it.

Being anemic can be a symptom of coeliac disease. Have a talk with your doctor.


When I was 8 weeks pregnant (I only have 1 child, pregnancy was awful) I had the worst ever cramps on the way home from a pizza and ended up in hospital being checked for an ectopic pregnancy.

Thankfully, my son was born healthy 7 months later but the cramps were my first major sign of coeliac disease. I had had symptoms before, but none so big they stood out as anything wrong (just stomach flu now and then). I felt ill throughout my whole pregnancy and wasn't diagnosed until my son was nearly 3. I thought it was motherhood!

Pregnancy definitely triggered my coeliac disease.


Thanks for the replys. My 2 and 7 year olds both have CD. I am trying to figure out if they did get it from me.


My problems with IBS started after my son was born now 13! Have been tested for CD but came back negative - after years of test just self diagnosed and I have been GF for about 2 years and all symptoms have gone - not sure if the birth triggered this problem but it was defininatly a turning point. Attended a lecture at the Allergy Show on Gluten sensitivty (negative diagnosis to CD) and its relation to CD - there is a reasearch going on which may prove that gluten sesitivity develops into CD


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