Endoscopy worries

Hi guys,

I am so new to this, I'm having an endoscopy on Thursday as my blood test has come back positive for coeliac disease, I don't think I even have this as no one in my family has it and I don't seem to feel poorly all the time, just a lot of the time

Anyway I have a massive phobia of sick and illness so hospitals them self are a big deal to me

Please can people tell me there experiences with there endoscopy and the truths behind it, I'm worried the sedation won't work and I'll be left gagging for my life! Please help me calm before Thursday


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  • Sedation will sedate! You'll be knocked out enough for them to carry out the procedure. I hope you have been following necessary dietary requirements before the endoscopy as the doctors need a "clear run" at viewing your villi. This is the only sure way for a diagnosis. If your are into homeopathy have some arnica 6 before and after. It's all good.

  • Hi,

    I've had two endoscopies in the last few years. They aren't the most pleasant thing in the world, but so well worth it to get those all important results.

    I had both done just with the throat spray (no sedation); because it meant I could be discharged very soon afterwards - although I understand that this isn't for everyone.

    Something I found very helpful on both occasions was to concentrate on doing some deep breathing; both before (in the waiting room) and during the procedure - it definitely kept any feelings of panic to manageable levels.

    Searching online for relaxation techniques should be easy enough - if you don't already know any.

    Best of luck.

  • I was diagonosed about 1 month ago and was exactly the same . Blood tests positive and petrifiedof having the endoscopy. The sedation worked really well and you won't remember anything. As a previous reply has mentioned keep breathing. That's the only thing I remember them saying to me and it helped. I just told myself hundreds of people have this procedure so keep positive.

  • Thank you! Your response made me feel so much better! Hope you're coping well with your diagnosis

  • I had a previous experience of having a camera put down my throat for my lungs, can't remember the name of that procedure & they only half sedated me, well half drugged I fought like buggery & kept trying to pull the tube out, so I knew when I had to have my endoscopy it would be better to ask them to knock me out completely! They easily agreed so they knocked me out completely for a few minutes whilst they did it & I can't remember a thing, so for me that was perfect. They simply put a canula in your hand which they do so many of, you don't even feel it go in (just in case they need instant access to your blood stream) spray a banana tasting local anaesetic in your throat, put a mouth guard on to keep your mouth open & then for me they gave me the knock out stuff, couldn't have been simpler. I was only out for a few minutes as it is a very quick proceedure. I only had to stay around for about an hour afterwards before I went home.

    Whereas my mum, who is much braver than me, when she had it done, she didn't need anything not even the banana spray & she is a nervy type of person generally but when it comes to things like that, she is made of steel.

    So please don't worry, ask them to knock you out completely, do the breathing excercises & it will be over before you know it.

  • If you are ok with sedation then go with it. I had my endoscopy "dry" with no sedation and no throat numbing spray either. It felt like a very long time whilst they had the tube down and you feel every biopsy that they take and although I was discharged minutes after I was seriously shocked by the procedure and my stomach blew up in a very painful way which meant that I crawled home to bed and felt unwell for ages.

    My husband has had two endoscopes with sedation and barely remembers a thing which sounds a lot better to me.

    Oh and make sure you have support with getting home afterwards and someone to take over for household chores etc. afterwards to give yourself time to recover. Good luck!

  • Had mine last May. Like you very nervous but a lttle sedation did the trick and I don't remember much about it. Cup of tea and I was allowed home in about an hour. Also like you I was not unwell all the time but results showed I was coeliac so it's gluten free for me now. It's not as bad as your fear. Let us know how you get on. Big hug.

  • Thank you so much! It's really good to hear it's not as bad as it sounds!! Cant wait for this time tomorrow, all be over with!

  • Hi , I have had quite a few , the first one I was worried about , but it's not as bad as you think , I got offered sedation or a spray I opted for sedation , and so glad I did . I didn't feel anything and wasn't asleep but totally care free about the whole proceedure. Try not to worry its over in a few minutes too, and at least you will find out what s wrong with you.

  • The sedation sounds like an excellent plan.

    Hope it all goes well tomorrow and then you can tell us how you got on as we'll all be thinking about you.

  • Please don't make the same mistake as me, have the sedation. I was trying to brave... a mistake. The procedure lasts 3-4 minutes and with the sedation your body will take over without you having to endure anything. You can't eat anything for an hour after the mouth spray, which was tough as I was starving. My nurse, said that the best thing to calm you down was to put your hand over your chest so that you could feel and concentrate on your breathing. You will be fine, it's not nice, but is necessary. Am here if you have any other Qs? Oh and you may have a sore throat afterwards.

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