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I had a endoscopy today for the 1st time....during the endoscopy doctor said I had decreased folds in duodenum.... I'm not realy sure what that means.. but I'v been gluten free for 6 years because the pediatrics doctor I went to said I just had gluten intolerance....... well 6 months ago I started haveing issues again with foods minus the throwing up... I was just diagnosed with fructose malabsorption but even on that diet and dairy free I still had issues so my gi doctor wanted to possibly rule out celiac..... she knew that we may not have got a accurate endoscopy because iv been gluten free for so long.... but what does a decrease folds in duodenum mean? Nothing?

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That's something you ought to have discussed with the specialist.


Hello - I believe decreased folds in the duodenum is a marker for untreated adult coeliac disease. However, I agree with others that you need to discuss the implications of this with your specialist. Let us know how you get on. Best wishes


Yeah I am going to go talk about it Thursday I just wanted some ideas of what it could be..


Interested in finding out myself as I was tested and positive for both the blood test and biopsy, but everything looked 'normal'. I thought any changes to the stomach lining suggested a more severe response to gluten? Not sure though? Maybe phone the to find out as they are very helpful! :)


I'm not sure either. I just think it is weird that the endoscopy itself showed decreased folds and on paper it said suspicious for Celiac but biopsy was fine but then again iv been gluten free for 6 years. I type in decreased folds in duodenum and all that comes up is celiac stuff so I have do clue. Still trying to figure out what's going on... not the gluten part gi doctor just said stay away from it but I would like to still know why I have decreased folds..

I'm taking anatomy right now and the folds are called circular folds and they are permanent features that do not disappear and the villi are on top of them..

I have villi but I don't have alot of circular folds.. I'm wondering tho if because I was on gf diet so long if villi just grew back... I will have to ask someone or something I'm just not sure how yet..


I find it frustrating that they don't explain everything. Like on the day of the endoscopy it was such a blur I have no idea what they said to wait for, but remembered them saying something about 10 days. After 14 days I rang my doctors as I didn't hear anything and annoyingly it was because my doc was on holiday. I wish they would over explain as if we knew nothing, as I feel awkward asking loads of questions especially with it being so confusing!!! Would deffo ring the as you are probably right, but why should we have to guess hey?

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Yeah well the guy who did you endoscopy said that everything looked normal. But he took biopsy showed. Well my paper work said differently..

And they probably took biopsys. Thoes take 10 to 14 business days to come back..

It's very frustrating..

Iv emailed them and they said they arnt doctors but I am right I need to eat gluten for a test to be doctor even said this before doing the endoscopy. But she said she dosent want me to even do the challenge because of how sick I get..ok fine but now I sit and wonder if I truly have it or not!


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