I had a endoscopy today for the 1st time....during the endoscopy doctor said I had decreased folds in duodenum.... I'm not realy sure what that means.. but I'v been gluten free for 6 years because the pediatrics doctor I went to said I just had gluten intolerance....... well 6 months ago I started haveing issues again with foods minus the throwing up... I was just diagnosed with fructose malabsorption but even on that diet and dairy free I still had issues so my gi doctor wanted to possibly rule out celiac..... she knew that we may not have got a accurate endoscopy because iv been gluten free for so long.... but what does a decrease folds in duodenum mean? Nothing?

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  • That's something you ought to have discussed with the specialist.

  • Hello - I believe decreased folds in the duodenum is a marker for untreated adult coeliac disease. However, I agree with others that you need to discuss the implications of this with your specialist. Let us know how you get on. Best wishes

  • Yeah I am going to go talk about it Thursday I just wanted some ideas of what it could be..

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