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Have just been reading all the comments about those of you who have already had an endoscopy and gasdoscopy. Your comments have made me feel alot better about having to go to have mine done next friday as i was feeling abit apprehensive to day the least. Great detail gas been given by alot of you which has helped enormously about what to ask for regarding the spray and also the sedation should I choose to have that. Thanks to u all, feeling better!! 😊

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  • Hi jojo ...nothing to it afterwards your be laughing to yourself what was all the fuss was about ....i don`t remember much after sedation but one thing i do know it didn't hurt .

  • Hi pepepoo Thanks for your reply - I'm sure i will feel like u do after, but at present I feel a bit apprehensive although reading other people's comments including yours has calmed me down alot from where I was last week when I was told I needed to have both proceedures done I thought what!? both at the sane time!!!! a bit much - buf i suppose it will all be over an done with. Thanks again for your reply x

  • hi pepepoo ive had severe perid prblems since age 13,,im now 48 well this month ..ive gone into menopause ,hrt caused me more abdominal pain -my gp had mentioned having a scope put inside the womb -but im terrified as suffer with nuropathic pain to ,,can i ask did you have this op done-to see if there was anything inside the womb causing pain ??? ,,xx

  • Hi jojo, it took my consultant 4 weeks to even try to get me to have an endoscopy! I point blank refused but I was told I really needed it done ..my dad god rest his soul was the only one to make me have this done as he had many done over the years without Sedation .well the morning I went I was a bag of nerves. My heart could not have been beating any faster .I was sedated.. what was all the panic for I asked myself after. Never knew a thing apart from a bit sleepy the rest of the day and a bit of a sore throat I was fine! You can do this .. if I can so will you 😊

  • Hi Millie09

    Thanks for your words of encouragement still feeling a bit apprehensive but not as bad as i did last week when the consultant told me i had to have both proceedues and they would be done at the same time!! I do feel alot calmer now after reading the replies i have received . Thanks again I will be on here next week saying yes u were right I was fussing over nothing!!😀

  • I will be have both done at the same time at the beginning of next month, so please come back to tell us about it. I am also rather worried about it too!

  • Hi Greenbext

    Yes I will come back an tell u how I go on mine is this Friday morning 9.45am so early enough I'm glad sooner I get it over with but I will let u know try not to worry too much - from the replies i have received it's not as bad as we fear if u have sedation which is what I am asking for it seems you don't remember anything - I hope so ! 😊

  • Gastroscopy and endoscopy are the same just one is deeper than the other one. Takes about 10 minutes, and with sedation you won't really remember any of it. I've had loads, certainly not fun but really nothing to worry about.

    To put it into perspective I'd probably rather have that procedure than fill out my self assessment online tax form.

  • Very funny Rodeojoe,

    I hope u r right as I'm having it on Friday and also having a colonoscopy at the same time so Fridays I feel is not the best day - but after ready g all the replies I'm feeling a bit more at ease! Just have to get on with it and hope it's over soon.

  • I had a gastroscopy and colonoscopy done together and was very nervous so I opted for the sedative and it was fine. I don't remember much about the camera down which they did first. I remember the colonoscopy more because I was more aware by then and watched the screen and had the weird experience of seeing myself inside 😮 Then a nice cup of tea with my last gluten biscuit and home to a life of gluten free😃.

    The gastroscopy confirmed I was Coeliac and the colonoscopy confirmed no lasting damage to bowel despite years of diarrhoea. 11 months later I feel well although I do slip up sometimes and get glutened 😞. I hope this helps. X

  • Hi liver-bird

    Yes well I'm having both this Friday so glad to hear it wasn't to bad as I nearly wasn't going to go - but need to i don't mind having a look if I get the chance it's the camera down my throat that bothered me most! Thanks for your reply I appreciate it.

  • any ladys who suffer with severe period pain -dont make the same mistake as me and take morphine -methinamic acid -really does work ,,but its vital to beable to eat with it -as itl burn internally ,,i feel its alot safer than ibroprphen..ive been going through menopause for the last year -ive developed a conditin called burning mouth syndrome -i dont no if its connected to the menopause .atm i feel like im losing my sanity ,,i dont no if its worth me having this :( uhh damb i cant prenounce it -but you ladys have had it done -,,was it worth having it done ?? and did any of you have it done due to pain in the womb ?? im really not shore if its normal to be getting such severe pain -i only get 1 week out of the month when im pain free,,ive also noticed -if my labido goes high -my pain get,s even worse ..

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