Sorry not sure if I've spelt that right I'm off to have an endoscopy on Christmas eve at 11.15am.I've not been given any instructions about how to prepare before hand.can anyone tell me if I should avoid taking vitamin D or my levothyroxin anytime before the test.I read I shouldn't eat or drink for 6hours before hand and not to take iron supplements for a couple of weeks before.would I be allowed sips of tap water? Any help appreciate thanks

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  • 6 hours sounds about right. And yes sips of water are normally OK. You should have got information about the procedure with the appointment. I would chase that up.

  • No water 2 hours before I wasnt allowed anything to eat after 11.00 at night mine was at 9.00 in the morning. Can't understand why you weren't given any info.good luck.

  • Thanks sammie 😥 I'll be starving,

  • Thank you rodeojoe I'll do that

  • I also hve to avoid omeprozole or the like for several weeks beforehand

  • Thanks mrsm49 I'm not on anything just vitamins which I stopped for now as there multi vitamin containing iron and levothyroxin.

  • Additional, no thin blood pills that day.

  • Thanks kimc

  • Check out endoscopy on Wikipedia it should tell you what to expect and preparation.

    I am also on Levo, but was allowed to take it. however erring on side of caution, I either took it later or didn't just for that day. It takes about 6 weeks for changes of Levo dosage to make any difference to blood tests for it so one day without it shouldn't be a problem. Alternatively, if there can be a 2 hr gap between last time eaten and 8hrs before Endo, then take it 8 hrs before your Endo.

    I went 4 days without my Levo, but still here to tell the tale.

    1 was self experimenting/testing for other medical reasons and boy by then did I know I needed it. I'm HypoThyro.

    My following blood test showed I'd shot to 17.9, previous one I'd been 1.05. Yesterday I was down to 12 - Doc has upped my Levo by 12.5 mcg to 112.5 mcg. My blood tests have always only been for TSH, this time I'd also asked for FreeTand 4 to be done.

    I was also diagnosed with PBC after they'd ruled out Hepatits. Was also told there was a lot of muck down there. It went as far as my diaphragm. Not painful, but uncomfortable. If you are of a nervous or anxious disposition they can give you an anaesthetising relaxant and can spray your throat with with an anaesthetic also, I'd certainly recommend having the throat spray.

    For me the most important thing was they put me on Propranol - big disaster for me with the Levo, so I eventually stopped despite them reducing from 160-80-40 so refused to take it and still don't. It really messed with my head and having a brain injury, I knew exactly what the Prop was doing.

    Check out Levo and Prop, singly, but also as a combination on Drugs.com. Others here may say if they were out on something different to Prop. I've had so many MRI's and other tests here all during last year and this. That why I started doing my own research into sequence of health problems over last 3.5 years.

  • Thanks sambs hope you see some improvements soon. I have hashimotos and being tested for celiac, feel like I'm teaching the doctors there job. They have me on 25mc levothyroxin and want to leave it at that for a year.my Tsh is now down to 2.7 after only 2 months on the tablets.I'm off to see the doctors again tomorrow and give research evidence to support an increase to 50mc. Also my sister and other family members are confirmed celiac so that's why I requested the endoscopy.😥😥 not looking forward to that.but trialled gluten free about 3months ago for 3 weeks and felt better.been eating normal again and increasing wheat intake for about 9weeks now.

  • Hi pet-lamb I forgot to mention I also have an auto-immune diagnosis. I refuse to link it ONLY to being Hypothyroid, because my research has shown there are several conditions than can end up being diagnosed as an autoimmune condition! Also am lucky that I don't 'feel ill' and have no symptoms of illness only blood tests, MRI's etc etc, Dotors and Specialists who tell me what Ive got!

    Re Autoimmjnjty - It depends what anti-gens stick to whichever is linked with the different conditions. Now I just say I am HypoThyroid, and have an autoimmune blood disorder, because it's not proved specifically yet which condition. My own doctor didn't even realise the blood test had said autoimmunity I had to point it out to him on the test result sheet, he had been too busy looking T TSH result only, not turning page over and seeing Autoimmunity further down! All that was several months ago!

    All I know at moment is that it is ALL very complicated, because not everyone with every condition is ALSO diagnosed as having autoimmunity.

    I'm guessing there are so many different blood tests to find out where the antigens are its a nightmare.

    I think My research is going to end up as a job for my life - but as living alone it's a great daily occupation, till I get brain-fatigue lol

    Best of luck with your research and more Importantly, your Endo! But pls don't forget what I said about Proppranolol and tell whoever tries to prescribe it, that you are taking Levo, or whatever you are on S x

  • Will do Sam's thanks,

  • Mmm makes me smile your write up above....as I too have had to ask the Hospital, to put in Bold what it is they have diagnosed me with this time, and where they want me referred to. As a number of times in the past, this instruction has been hidden in the body of the letter, and so has been missed by my doctor...so now I ask for it to be put as a Bold Heading line...to be read as the first line and not to be missed....well that what I'm hoping, as now waiting to get referred to the Pain Clinic, I can see no other option for me As now have been told they will not operate on my for my Back Problems, because of history....medical history that I got because, they missed something vital in an Op.. Whoops

  • mmm.......Shame wer'e not the doctors and them the patients :-)

  • Been to doctors today about my hashimotos I took a printout about treatment protocols and how early treatment of someone with raised antibodies can help limited the onslaught of this illness.but he was great he agreed straight away to an increase in thyroxin.we've settled on an agreed 50mc one day and 25mc the next for 2 months with blood tests to see how I'm getting on and my meds are now on repeat prescription.

  • Hi pet-lamb, I'm so pleased for you. Don't forget to follow exact protocol for how and when to take it all and eat I hour later! I wish you well.

    Happy Xmas again! Plus a Healthy and Prosperous New Year also :-) S xx

  • A year is à long timeLready for them to say they'll leave it that low! Ask your doc if you will have quarterly blood tests for your Thyroid. My UK doc left it to annual tests only for 1st 8 years and I never sW test result back then. It was when I moved to France in 2008, the new doc tested quarterly. Ok dosage didn't change for several years, but blood test must have changed something because he started by lowering dose to 87.5 from 100mcg, I think around 2012. Having moved a couple of times since then, this week the current doc has put up to 112.5 - but then there is a lot of difference between my health in 2008 and now! also I'm now 68. So many new or different factors alter things over the years.

    Have a good Christmas, but let us know here, how you get on, at some time with the Endo and result. S x.

  • Will do sambs happy Christmas

  • I also was the one to flag up a need for a Thyroid check, and it took me 10 months to get my doctor to give the go ahead, was gonna get it done privately, but ...had bloods taken at 3.15pm and my doctor was on the phone at 7pm that evening asking for someone to come and collect 'The tablets' that he had waiting for me to take asap !!!! an then after 4 months I was prompting again, to have it rechecked, I'm now on 100mgs a day And still feel the need for more ! And Yes I do believe we all should be proactive in our own Welfare these days, cos it sounds like we'll not even be able to see a doctor within the month let alone how it is now with the apt system...I must say that I am lucky i can get apts within two dys, and sometimes I say to them its not Urgent so will wait for a non Urgent apt...other times I get asked to come straight down to the surgery now if I have transport... Keep Well

  • Jenn Sounds like you are starting to get somewhere. Tell your doc or whoever that your next thyroid blood test must be morning one before you eat or drink anything. A couple of little sips of water won't hurt! At same time as Thyroid, also ask for Vit B12, Folate & Ferritin. then go onto a Thyroid Forum (There is Thyroid UK one, on HU) the admins on there are very good at looking blood test results and advising on them! Also your blood should be tested at least every 3 months, but while you are still looking for correct levels,2 months would be better.

    What were your last test results? are you Hypo or Hyper?

    Me I just poke my nose in everyone else's business,:-)

    when I see so many recurring stories, and given my own experiences, just try and give and a bit of sensible? I hope, help.

    Happy Xmas.,

  • Thanks Sam's I already do all these things that's how I got the advice and information I needed to challenge the doctors.but feel free to keep "poking" you're nose in I appreciate your input 😃

  • Oops.......should have read sensible ' advice/info'! Lol

    Think I should be on a computer forum learning how to use this silly iPad better!!!! :-)

  • 😊😊😊

  • Cheers thanks for that info, feel sometimes that my doc will put a Mark on my file somewhere to indicate thinks she knows it all...when all I want is to find out whats wrong and make me feel a little better...like most of us on here Cheers and A Happy Christmas to you and all and a Healthy New Year xx

  • Hi Lamby, had mine two weeks ago, they should have sent you all the info with your letter. No food for 6 hours & only water up to 2 hours before. Give them a call about your meds. PS get knocked out it is easier. good luck x

  • Thanks toeknee was going to get knocked out but it's Christmas eve I can't chance missing Christmas 😊😊

  • It's only a light anaesthetic and for a very short time. I had it done in a morning and was fine later in the day. They just recommended that no decisions were made that day and no driving/operating machinery etc. I was perfectly fine the day after :)

    Good luck :)

  • Thanks judburke I'll see what they recommend on the day I have borderline hypotension and it may go up .

  • It's not an anaesthetic its a sedative. So you will remain conscious.

  • Not necessarily - Mine was anaesthetic and I was not conscious. It depends on what is offered/administered I think

  • you will be ok after about an hour. x

  • Thanks toknee

  • Whoops sorry got all the way thru that reply and my computer logged me off.. Anyway all the advice given so far is good advice...I would only like to say that I think you should Phone up the Unit and ask for their advice with regards to what to do and what not to stop.. Yes Iron can make things look dark in your tummy But if this is not your 1st Endoscopy then My doctor told me they know what they are looking at and so no need to stop meds...BUT... if you take blood thinners? ie Warfarin Aspirin or Clopidogrel then you may have to stop these, because if they need to take biopsy then this may make you bleed internally. So I think better to phone and double check yourself...saying this when I had one early this year, I phoned up twice to double check details, and was given different advice....sorry...but also Everything should be fine and dandy for you and Enjoy Christmas Cheers

  • A HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR to every body, on this post, and I hope pet-lamb is feeling better now, one week on!

    Shirley x

  • Hi Shirley happy New year and hopefully a healthy one or at least the best your health can be. I've had terrible stomach problems since the procedure it was gradually deteriorating ,I put it down to all the rich foods containing gluten I've been eating over Christmas .so I went back on gluten free as advised.and although it's only been a few days my stomach isn't as painful but I'm still getting reflux almost vomiting and indigestion. But it took almost 3 weeks to help last time so early days. I've been wondering why you where on propranadol (spelling) when I had it years ago it was for anxiety and raised blood pressure.I've not heard of it been used for anything else.

  • Hi pet-lamb,

    Sorry to hear about your eating problems since Christmas, bope you get back to normal soon. Re the Propranolol ....who isn't spelling it right, me?

    Or are they 2 diff meds. I.e. One ends dol - other ends lol (French)

    its interesting you should ask the question though, someone on Thyroid UK warned me about taking it when I am also on Levothyroxine - not a combination in the system together,

    However I was put on it the day of my Endo-Fibroscopy (it's called in France).

    As I'd said it was quite an uncomfortable procedure and the Endo Consult then did anECG test, after which, he said my blood pressure was high, and gave me a prescription for 160 mg or mcg of the Prop,don't remember what they call the dosage now. I had assumed it was because he'd said that about the BP and was why I was put on it! I took it for several weeks but it played havoc with my brain, a lot of B I after effects came back, confusion, brain fog, paranoia as bad as they been originally, but which over the months before the Endo had been improving well and slowly lessening.

    I told my doc, so he reduced to 80 mcg, but still they continued, so that was when I decided to stop taking all my meds except Levo in Autmn 2014. When I next saw the Endo (Liver Consult?) a different one this summer I told her I was not taking the Propranolol and why, but she insisted and gave me a script for 80, which I still didn't get or take! I'm not due to see her again till April this year!

    Ive said so often on the different Communities on here about meds thT mess with the brain, but the Prop was the worst - because I can definitely tell if an 'episode' of whichever sort affects me and whether it's because of BI which also has some physical effects like walking, talking, hearing and vision. or the meds.

    I even experimented with my Levo, reducing dose, not taking it for 4 days and then had a flare, a week or so later after starting it again. which means I felt very "unwell" and a little disoriented, also have not really had any appetite or gastric juices to make tummy rumble, which also coincides with BI and all my 5 senses were affected markedly. Taste, touch, smell, vision, hearing - all the orifices and surface of the skull/face.

    The pyschological stuff is In The mind, anxiety/depression. I had a nervous breakdown in the May after the BI in 2013. Whatevever my original doctor put me on, it definitely worked, I slept for the best part of 15 days and nights, waking only to eat, take the go to the loo, (i slipped backwards off a ceramic step up at night and banged my head on the ceramic floor - I had a lump the size of a gold ball on the back of my head, but stupidly didn't go to the doctor, again didn't understand about brain injury then, though my husband had said I could have died after the aneurysm/Haemorrhage. The month after all that I started looking into brain haemorrhage on the Internet, it started explaining my weird moods and personality change, slower speech, everything. Basically it was all falling into place back then. Walking, visual perception. I wasn't seeing what I thought I was very often, shapes changed.

    These Are all the things I should have had help and support with from friends, family, health system. That sort of support not good in France. I'd just left my husband before the BI, my boys didn't come over, I was in hospital 10 days - I don't even know if my husband told them or not. We had an extremely contentious and unamicable separation relationship after that. I've seen him only once since, when I had my car accident 4 days after I'd moved more north in France. He did at least come up the day after with a friend, stayed long enough for a cuppa, took himself and friend round my new Home(obviously to be nosy) Then left. We dont communicate at all now.

    I e got my religious beliefs, say my prayers which have helped. I'm happy, at peace with myself, am friendly and sociable, like my Dad I've discovered I'm better with strangers, as on HU, where I'm happy helping others when I can even in this French village I live in, I get on with all the locals (ex eat my landlady) I might be alone, but not lonely, even my Social worker is actually English working for the French Gov in her Job. See! The power of Prayer and belief.

    The neurological affects are all controlled by neurotransmitters in the brain which send messages to nerve ends. I've learnt a lot with all my research, mostly don't fill yourself up with pharmaceutical medication, unless it's essentially lifesaving, or Vitamin B12, as I've learnt from Thyroid UK Community. That does our endocrine systems more good than anything else. Also I start my next course of natural health product, Arko Royal tomorrow and I'll be better still!

    No tea and sympathy please, I really am ok and will be better healthwise when my stupid doc sorts himself out, then he'll sort me out!

    Must go to bed and sleep now! Sleep tight. S x

  • Hi Sambs, I exp you'll be asleep now as I've just found your message.but here goes.I'm a bit dyslexic. So it's prob me if the spelling was wrong. And the trouble is because of the thyroid I get confused and wasn't sure so questioned myself. It's ok I won't give tea and sympathy you've had a rough time of it. it took courage but you're a strong woman and you're getting through it.good for you.I think you where right to reject the proprananol I cannot understand your doctors trying to force it onto you, even if there worried about your bp(blood pressure) there are other types of hypertension medications and proprananol is rather old school now. Like you I'm religious and have a unshakeable faith.the power of prayer is a wonderful thing.

    I've heard it said that God only gives us what we can deal with problems wise but heavens he gave you a mountain to climb. Anyway I'm going to sleep to now so goodnight and God bless as my dad used to say x

  • I say I'm going to bed and somehow never get there. I'll rep,y to rest tomorrow - well later today, I'm an hour ahead of you! x

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