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Trying to get Coeliacs and B12 sorted but got confused!

I am at all time low.

Changed to new GP who announces, IM A DENTAL SURGEON. You couldnt make it up! He stone walls me on B12.

Have liver yearly review, AIH. And blurt out feeling so ill. Gone gluten free in September following CT scan.

Now gastro wants me to go back on gluten until apt for (another) endoscopy but with biopsy. Probably wait of 6-8 weeks. Said, shouldnt it be months not weeks of eating gluten before biopsy? but no idea.

She has ordered

TAA GGT GPC IFBA VIT D FERRITIN U & E AND LFT CALC AND ALBUMIN. Thyroid, Ii could have showed her as I paid for a panel privately and seems all clear according to Thyroid uk site

Can anyone help me sort this out? Should I re poison myself? Is it worth it for 6-8 weeks before biopsy? Will biopsy be skewed?

Do blood tests make sense? B12 by the way, 246 said "in range" despite my saying shd be nearer 1000. Will they at least indicate that I need to avoid wheat etc. Being gf free since sept 9th improved me a lot but not 100%. Still looking for answer but gastro not thinking anything to do with her really, just being a good egg. Is it enough?

Very confused and confusing.

Thoughts please?

Love to all


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Good morning Footygirl

My first suggestion is to find a Nutritionist who will review all of this by testing you and analysing the results, I am not sure about where you live but here I have a great Nutritionist and her price is only 30€ for your first session, my friend was in with her for an hour and a half.

The test is amazing and results are instant.

I am helping her go gluten free but also as she is deficient in so many minerals and vitamins also she has to detox her liver (too many years on too many meds sadly) she will now take a powder that has all the minerals and vitamins that the body is missing every day. This will not only detox but will replace magnesium manganese zinc iron all vitamins etc (too many to list here) she will start next week.

My email address if you want any more info is I can definitely say that going Gluten free is a start and no personally speaking do not introduce (unless you are eating sprouted wheat) making your own.

Wishing you well.


Coeliac UK recommends 6 to 8 weeks eating gluten before a biopsy. It is a difficult decision to go back to eating gluten if you have found relief by avoiding it, but it is the only recommended way to get a diagnosis. Unfortunately no test can be 100% accurate.


I footygirl patricia here I no it sounds awful what I am going to tell you but you will have negative tests for coeliac disease if you keep on eaten gluten free you have got to suffer babe & eat gluten so you can get a accurate test result becouse my sister suffered reflationary coeliac for yrs & kept on eaten gluten free so every blood test showed up negative for it I to suffer from coeliac disease becousei thought for ten yrs it was ibs untill I lost so much weight & needed a blood transfusion right away becouse they said I had so much damage with eaten gluten so its best to suffer for a while with the horrible spasms &nauesea to be heatlthy & not leave like I did for yrs thinking it was ibs take care patricia


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