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Hi guys, I was wondering if you can tell me what you think about this product. I really want to try it as is perfect for all of my problems. Because I had some concerns if either to take it or not, I contacted the manufacturer and this is their answer. Any suggestions please?

Hi Gabriella,

Thanks for the email.

Many apologies for the confusion regarding Digestpro. One of the ingredients in this product contains an enzyme which has been extracted from a cereal which also contains gluten. Lactase has been fully refined and is highly unlikely to contain any traces of gluten but we must label this ingredient as being sourced from a cereal containing gluten and therefore cannot make the claim that it is gluten free, despite being unlikely to contain any traces of gluten.

I hope this clarifies things for you. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Kind regards

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HI I would be very dubious about trying this due to the fact that I seem to have issues with a lot of the foods that are approved by CUK, things such as Knorr stock cubes labelled as GF seem to cause issues for me. I have wasted lots of money on foods that are supposed to be alright for us only to find they are not.

At least the manufacturers are being honest with you, can you not find a similar product which is guaranteed to be GF ?


Thanks .No unfortunately not . Probably only if I will buy them separately and of course the dosage will be different. I don't know any other good products to repair the gut.I think I still have an inflammation because I'm burping every day.


Burping a lot can mean that you are eating something that doesn't suit you. Try keeping a food diary to see if you can work out what to eliminate. The most common problem is dairy.


Most of the time I eat soy milk with cereals and yogurts but it is true I eat normal cheese almost every day. I don't get diarrhea or anything. I'v been tested for lactose intolerance a few years ago and when i got my result the doctor said that is not that bad so i can have some cheese. I've been burping and belching for the past 10 years every day. They've said is either IBS or anxiety triggered because at my endoscopy my stomach is fine? Do you think if i will stop eating dairy all together this will stop? It's confusing..Anyway, thans


Why not try cutting out all dairy for a week or so and see what happens? Perhaps you can tolerate some cheese once in a while.


thanks I will try this but just one week will be enough to see some improvements? I had this problem for years?


I really don't know, try it and see.

If you do give up dairy, make sure you are eating other foods that will provide calcium.

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I'm gf and lactose free but can still do a great belch if I bolt my meals and don't chew properly. When I slow down, chew longer, it works. (Though it's hard as I'm always famished!)


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