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Pregnancy feels exactly like I've been glutened?

Hi folks,

I'm nearly 8 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I'm looking for advice. To me, pregnancy feels exactly like I've eaten gluten all the time. Is this normal? If anything I'm being more careful. Taking less calculated risks. By which I mean not eating as many things without any advice at all I.e. no 'may contain' warning or gluten free labelling, but no gluten in the ingredients.

Has anyone else been pregnant and felt glutened the whole time?

I haven't changed my diet much apart from to cut out some pregnancy no nos.

I'm genuinely perplexed.

I know pregnancy slows down your digestion. Could this be what is causing my gluten like symptoms?


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I'm not coeliac, but I suffered terribly from morning sickness during my last pregnancy. My children are coeliac and when my oldest describes how he feels when he is gluttened it always reminds me of my morning sickness. I did find travel sickness bands and ginger did help take the edge off.


It's not just sickness. It's the stomach aches and sudden painful need to 'go' too.

I suspect this is just what pregnancy feels like for me and if I wasn't coeliac I would think anything of it.

Thanks for responding.


Have you had any advice from your GP/ midwife? I suspect you won't have met your midwife yet, they are often a lot more aware of pregnancy 'niggles' than GPs and will often make more time for women with other medical issues. I would definitely advise getting under the care of the midwives as soon as you can. They will then give you phone numbers so you can contact them directly should you ever need any advice. It's very normal during pregnancy to get strange aches and for bowel movements to change, but always worth getting advice about your individual symptoms, if nothing else it will put your mind at rest.

Good luck, don't hesitate to contact your GP or midwife if things don't feel good.


I've got my first midwife appointment on Monday. Hopefully she can put my mind at ease.

Thanks again.


ThatPandaGirl - all my friends who have been pregnant confirm these symptoms of aches and bowel changes are normal. However as MrsJourns said chat it through with your midwife.

I'd be very interested to see what advice you get as a 'pregnant coeliac'. I've yet to find any guidance as to what vitamin and nutritional levels are recommended for pregnant coeliacs which seems like a gap in health advice. I know as per normal there is an emphasis on folic acid but do press for your ferritin, thyroid B12 and Vitamin D and Calcium levels to be checked, monitored and supplemented by prescription if needs be.

And do blog your experiences. I am sure it will be interesting for all Coeliacs here to read and will spark debate. Good luck & congrats on the pregnancy!


Actually I have a problem with folate. After years of running too low, last year I suddenly started running far too high. Nobody can tell me if too much folate is dangerous to my baby, and if it is whether it is more or less dangerous than too little. Very frustrating.

My gp already refused to refer me to the dietitian to discuss my new needs and how best to combine them with my coeliac needs. Apparently I'm fine and I don't need it.

I suspect I'll get no extra support whatsoever. Will definitely blog it.


A quick google says that folate is not stored in the body, so you and your baby should be fine

Good luck with the pregnancy.


Ask your midwife if she can refer you to the dietician, if they are located in the same hospital it could be straightforward.


I'd agree with all the above. The symptoms of early pregnancy are wide-ranging and commonly include nausea and digestive problems - it's due to the changing hormone levels in the body, which is also why some women experience diarrhoea prior to having a period.

The good news is that most women find they start feeling a lot better once they get into the second trimester (usually classed as 13/14 weeks), so the chances are you won't have to put up with these problems all the way through your pregnancy.

Do get as much support and advice as you can - but also try not to worry. It sounds like you're doing all the right things to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

I do hope it all goes well.


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