certified gluten free cornmeal in UK?

Hi All, just wondering, I've been trying to source some certified gluten free cornmeal in the UK. The one packet I bought had in tiny print 'may contain traces of gluten' which I only saw after I'd used it, and I had already had a reaction to it. So I passed it on to non-coeliac friends. I've been looking online and even the so-called 'gluten free' websites state that their gluten free cornmeal is packed in a 'non-gluten free environment'. Well that's nae use!! Any ideas out there? Thanks in advance!

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  • avoid...figure out something else to eat...I just had my biopsies last week...so I have only been GF since Friday, but if I have a neg reaction the food is out...period...I have found that I can find information regarding GF items available at my favorite store by googling the store on the internet then looking for the link on their website for GF....the information is out there...if you can't find YOUR particular store, look for ANY store...it will give you a list of safe foods/items...main thing on another stores website is that they will list BRAND NAMES of safe foods...so this is universal....hope this helps....(I have done this, printed out, and shared all I have found with my family who also have been effected and couldn't figure out the problem/Dr's no clue, etc) good luck

  • If you join the coeliac uk site they have a list of foods that are ok to use.. . coeliac.org.uk/

  • Thank you to both mitchellbarbara and janie_com. for your various replies. I'm afraid I do not trust coeliac uk site as their listings often contain items that I find disagree with me and would not use. I was rather hoping to find someone who may themselves have sourced certified gluten-free cornmeal in the UK. I'm wondering if it's like trying to source certified gluten free lentils and other pulses. As far as I know the easily available items (from supermarkets) are all packaged in non-gluten free environments to cross-contamination possibilities are quite high. Thanks for your replies anyway.

  • found some today at a food conference...but before you get all excited minimum order is five tons!

  • That's a lot of gravy/custard :-)

  • Eh????!

    Not sure I fancy your gravy and custard lol!

  • Have you looked at Natco products? natco-online.com/acatalog/R...

  • Thanks for that Penel, just had a quick look and couldn't see where they might state whether the cornmeal they sell is gluten free. I did notice that their gram flour is specified gluten free, although it doesn't say anything about the packaging process...I shall keep looking!

  • I use natco fine cornmeal and have been fine, I am very sensitive. I don't get glutened. Meanioni - I am talking about cornmeal not cornstarch - so bread etc rather than custard. Coarse cornmeal is easy to find but not fine.

  • Thanks LoisParker! I might give it a go!

  • Sorry Lois, that will teach me to slow down when I read next time :)

    Would make interesting (but rather lumpy) custard though :D

  • used have a gross breakfast cereal fed to me sometimes as a child in India - like hot wet sand.....

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