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Update endoscopy

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Hi happy Christmas to everyone and thank you for your support. I posted the results on the thyroid page but forgot you may not see it on this page sorry.well I had the endoscopy yesterday lunchtime and it was horrendous.the staff where lovely but the procedure !!!! Just let's say never again unless they knock me out first.my blood pressure pre test was 208/98 and I expect to be advised to have the sedative.but no it was to be the spray. initially results are no obvious sight of celiac disease but biopsy was taken to confirm that.however they did find mild gastroenteritis and are checking for that h.bactotoesis? The one that can cause stomach ulcers and cancer.I doubt that I have it but the biopsy will tell for sure. I wasn't even offered a cup of tea afterwards. I have a slight sore throat and windpipe and tummy but otherwise ok now.

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Glad to hear it's all over, hope you get the results soon.

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