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Suggestions for easy to make suppers?

May I have suggestions for easy to make suppers, please.

One to start off is to put into a pyrex dish: a tin of asparagus tips, drained, half a jar of Dolmio Lasagne sauce and four Hertz Frankfurters, cut into four pieces. Cover with grated cheese and cook in the oven for half an hour. Serve with new potatoes or include sliced, cooked potatoes in the dish.

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Hi Trenny,

That's an interesting recipe idea that you have there.

Just to clarify, are you using Herta Frankfurter sausages? If you are, then please don't! They are NOT suitable for someone on a gluten-free diet because they contain wheat.

Many other types of sausages will be okay though. You must read the labels before buying...!

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Thanks for this. I must admit that I haven't checked recently, but thought that I had checked some years ago.


There are several sites with recipes mentioned in this article. Perhaps they may be useful.



I like to make a version of beef bourguignon (all be it beef less - due to being a long time veggie). Although not at the height of food fashion, it can be done very simply; because these days you don't even have to chop the vegetables if you don't want to - you can buy them pre-done from the supermarket and just throw them in. Obviously I don't use wheatflour to thicken it; instead I use cornflour.

I also make a lot of curries, chunky soups, pasta and chillies dishes.

You may find an omlette simple to do. Spanish omelettes are especially filling and can be served with salad etc.

Finally there is always the option of having the classic Coeliac meal of jacket potatoe with a suitable filling. Very simple but satisfying.


Make your own bolognese sauce - freeze individual portions or invest in some glass preserving jars - then with rice or gluten free pasta you've got an instant meal which you know is safe and tastes good.

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I made excellent fish cakes the other day by just smashing up the contents of a tin of sardines (leaving behind some of the oil) with some good potatoes, then dusting in rice flour before frying. They'd have been better with herbs/parsley but I didn't have any. Then ate with fried eggs. They fell apart slightly, but tasted better than the ones I've made with "proper" fish.

Gluten-free pasta cooked then tossed with chopped-up cherry tomatoes, a big slosh of olive oil, some basil, a little bit of onion and a tiny bit of garlic is nice and very fast – you don't have to make a proper sauce. Eat with salad.

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