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How easy is it to find food as a coeliac at Eurodisney in Paris?

Hello! I'm going on vacation for a few days at the end of May to Eurodisney. We've paid for half board and get breakfast and evening meal provided at a range of different restaurants.

I can see from their website that they provide foil packed allergy meals, but all the travel sites blogs say that they are disgusting and like baby food.

Do any of you have experience of Eurodisney? Is it possible to get chefs to tweak their menus a bit to provide gluten free options so I don't have to rely on the foil-packs of baby food? What tips do you have? Have any of you been to Cafe Mickey (it's included in our package and is the only restaurant with character dinner) - were you able to order from the menu? What did you do for lunch?

Thanks for any advice!

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You should also ask this on our facebook page as we've had a lot of good feedback of Disneyland there;


From my experience, not easy at all, but i stayed in 2008, they didn't even have the foiled wrapped meals at this time and they were absolutely appalling at helping you find something to eat, staff had no knowledge at all, I had to stick to staples like potatoes and salad and fruit which was plentiful at resort hotel - but even then I got symptoms I'm guessing through cross contamination. We stayed in one of the big/main resort hotel, can't remember the name as was a conference so i didnt book it iyswim - meals were buffet style and staff very rude. In the village you gets loads of the fast food type places - I remember going to a ranch style place for one of the evenings there and it was same they had no idea and didn't want to frankly, our conference filled the hotel alot of money was spent and the big chief even complained to their events organiser and she just shrugged it off. There was also a McDonald's! Apart from that I just remember it being a hell hole of reheated processed fast foods, queues and rude staff, its all about the money! As i say it was a few years ago so I hope For your sake it has got better. Sorry its not a great review of eurodisney but I was a few months pregnant with my first at the time and the lack of consideration and knowledge about food allergies made my mind up not to go again.


We went to Paris a long time ago but found them centuries behind disneyworld. Go to the Disneyland Paris website, on the US parks websites they list which restaurants can tweek things and which can't including the fast food options.


Hi Wobblytulip,I am currently in Florida on holiday and have visited several of the theme Parks, where I have to say the provision of GF food has been exceptional, with food outlets clearly labelled as 'allergy friendly'. I have had hamburger, in GF bun, and fries cooked separately, for the same price as my husband's 'human' one. Yesterday at Discovery Cove the chef was brought to me to explain the GF options and also gave me two lots of pre-packed GF snacks, as all food and drink was included in the entrance price. I would like to think that Euro Disney have now caught up with Disney Florida. We are self catering but would imagine the resort hotels would be the same. Hopenyou have a great GF break!


I went a few years back, The breakfast were not good so fortunately I had my own crackers. I eat at the main restaurants where they tweaked meals for me and were really helpful. I wasn't ill once although my diet did lack variety, but I can handle that just for a few days. I would recommend taking a stash of your own are allowed to take a small packed lunch into the parks.


hi I went in 2008 with my bf who is coeliac, we didn't stay at one of euro Disney hotels but in the park there was an all u can eat buffet restaurant which had a variety of options which my boyfriend managed to be able to eat 80% of it and get a decent meal. x


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