frozen potatoes used in pub at carvery

i returned from having a lovely lunch at a pub carvery where they kindly made up gluten free gravy for me but on returning home i was ill and knew i had been good all i could think of was the potatoes could have been frozen ones which are often covered in flour has anyone else had this problem i intend to ring the pub tomorrow to find out

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  • sorry i meant to say i had been glutened

  • Quite possible, last year my inlaws were feeding me on a weekly visit and each time I was glutened afterwards. traced it to 'aunt bessies roast potatoes' But it may have been lactose as they are covered in milk powder, and I react the same to both.

  • Hi there, firstly I'm sorry you were ill and it sounds like they went out of their way to look after you. I think that you are doing the right thing by contacting them as it could stop this happening again.

    You rightly said that frozen potatoes can be coated with flour (which increases the surface area so makes them crunchier) and or artificial sugars which gives them a more pleasing golden colour and can enhance the taste but it could be our biggest adversary cross contamination. Because to a busy chef or catering staff their serving implements are the tools of their trade and they do not have the time to do a risk assessment before each action involved in catering, so they do many actions automatically.

    I hope that you feel better soon and please let us know what they say as that will be interesting.

  • thank you all for your interest and reply i wish i had something clear cut to tell you. I rang the pub spoke to the chef who assured me he used fresh potatoes With no flour and that he had many coeliacs use the carvery and "have never had any problems before" So it makes me wonder If i i am in too much of a hurry to blame every tummy upset on gluten

  • So it makes me wonder If i i am in too much of a hurry to blame every tummy upset on gluten

    A very astute comment and don't worry we've all been there and good for them for using fresh potatoes.

  • Oh no poor you. I always ask lots of questions in eateries, very tedious! Hope you get some answers and that you feel better soon.


  • I would also ask about the gravy - Ive been told the gravy is gluten free because its vegetarian!! Did you have any condiments such as mustard or a cheese sauce? Like you I suspect that roast potatoes are the prime suspect. Im like Kidkideelili I question and question and Ive realised that you have to do this each time you go or they forget!

    There is quite a useful facebook group for eating out and sharing info on places to eat - its Coeliacs eat out too - Ive found it really useful to find places to eat especially on holiday.


  • Hi, I do know that most frozen potatoes do contain Dextrose. I have been to a few pubs and restaurants that have stated that Frozen roast potatoes are not gluten free,so I always have a jacket potatoe. Some frozen chips only use potatoes and sunflower oil. When you read they contain Dextrose,then it's best to avoid them.

  • thank you all for your concerns i'm at present on my smartphone which for some reason is loading all my e-mails from my desktop i now have 200 to sort out look at delete so apologies if i have not answered anyone thank you all again

  • I find Tescos the best their own brand only use sunflower oil on their chips and roast potatoes

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