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How easy to get caught

Went out for a meal with Son and future Daughter in law. The place was recommended as being great for problem diets, in fact different menus for coeliacs, low salt, vegans etc.

Ordered from the gluten free menu and boy the next morning was I ill.

Seems the chef who made the risotto did not use gluten free stock. New chef they claimed didn't help me much though.

Makes it so hard to eat out though.

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Bad luck Roscoe,

It is so frustrating when that happens and I would imagine, sympathise and understand if it reduces your trust in people for next time you need to eat out. It sounds like you did everything you could to reduce the risks though.

I hope you feel better soon.


Sorry to hear about your bad experience of eating out. I've been coeliac for a year and find everything completely manageable until it comes to eating out there is so much trust involved but unfortunately a lot of staff in catering establishments just don't get it even when you think you have explained your needs really well. I don't know what the answer is ............


I'd say always make sure you complain as I like to think venues do learn from their mistakes. As dull as it is I always always grab the manager and take them to one side and grill them on the oil, water, stock etc they cook things in. I still get glutened sometimes but all I can say is ask and ask again is the secret. I've seen chains making risotto use a GF stock for one GF item and then ad hoc use a gluten one when busy. It pays to ask as often they are just operating on auto pilot and don't realise what mistakes they're making. Hope you get well soon and get the place to be better in future.


Its true, in their defence, when i was first diagnosed i had to really be on the ball making meals, in the end i only use GF stock cube, tamari sauce not soy, gram flour instead of wheat etc. its too easy to forget which jar is which under pressure


Hi windy they advertise etc. As gluten free. You assume they know. Thats why we pay more.


Complaining direct helps with some places. A review on TripAdvisor might help focus others!


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