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DigestPro by Patrick Holford

Hello again everyone

I'm having difficulties to determine if this product DigestPro by Patrick Holford is GF or not. The combination of this supplement is very good and it covers exactly the issues that I need to fix but the thing is, Patrick H., says (i talked to him on FB) that is safe for us to be taken, but his office or manufacturer says different.I will copy/paste the answer here bellow and please give me and advise. Anyone else is using it or have you heard about it?

Many apologies for the confusion regarding Digestpro. One of the ingredients in this product contains an enzyme which has been extracted from a cereal which also contains gluten. Lactase has been fully refined and is highly unlikely to contain any traces of gluten but we must label this ingredient as being sourced from a cereal containing gluten and therefore cannot make the claim that it is gluten free, despite being unlikely to contain any traces of gluten.

Many thanks guys

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Hi Mikeila,

I have never taken DigestPro and looking at the blurb on Amazon, never will!

I'm not quite sure what your dilemma is here - you've said it yourself: the manufacturers are stating that it probably isn't gluten-free. As a fellow Coeliac, I live by the maxim: if in doubt - don't eat it!

If you were in a restaurant who would you believe the most - The waiter or the chef? I would suggest that in this case, Patrick Holford is only the waiter (and I'm sure he means well). However, I think it's very possible that he hasn't given you the best advice on FB on this occasion. Is he a Coeliac? If he isn't, then he may not fully understand all the implications and the seriousness of what you asked of him.

If it's any consolation, most of the active ingredients in this product can be bought separately - and from manufacturers that can guarantee that their product is gluten-free.

Best of luck.


Hi there

My dilemma it was exactly that: he was saying something and the manufacturer something else and I was confused but thanks for clarifying this for me. i suppose I can get all of the ingredients separately but then the inconvenient will be that I will have more pills to swallow:)


Mikeila - quite agree with Regalbirdy - read about Patrick Holford on Wikipedia.

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