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If I were to go gluten free for 3 weeks, would this be enough time to see if I have an intolerance?

I have had chronic constipation my whole life, bad dry eyes for the last few years and have a b12 and vitamin d deficiency. I have had the blood test for coaliac disease as my gran had it and I even had the endoscopy and biopsy done which both came back negative however I know you can still have an intolerance. What's the minimum amount of time I could do the gluten free diet before I see some sort of difference? I know it will take ages to fully recover but the rule of thumb tends to be 3 weeks for most diets to start to have an effect, is this.long enough for the gluten free diet?


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I went gluten free after my father was diagnosed celiac even though I was negative when tested 5 years previous. After going gluten free, my major problems cleared up in 5 days (fatigue, foggy head, muscle stiffness) and I had improvement in digestion. Over time my other recurring problems have lessened or are gone; mouth sores, restless legs, migraines, rough dry skin patches, etc...


I had a pretty quick discovery too. I was doing an elimination diet for other foods that I had a strong indication I was either allergic to or intolerant of, so on a whim I added gluten to the eliminated foods. I have endometriosis and AI thyroid disease and avoiding gluten is recommended for both.

When I tried to reintroduce gluten, I had a clear reaction. I tried to reintroduce it within I think about 10 days or max 2 weeks of elimination. As I stayed gluten free, the two times I got glutened accidentally over the next 4 minths, I had increasingly severe responses, so for me it was very obvious.

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Yep three weeks did it for me, I started to feel better, then took about another six weeks before I felt a lot of improvement, I continue to have problems, linked to food, possible a few things I may be sensitive to....but would take too much hard work, to sort it all out, a gippy tummy now and again is nothing compared to what I had to put up with. My doc says that I'm still suffering IBS

Mmmm I agree sometimes it may be....but I think its more a build up of the smallest amount of Gluten or Wheat, in some of the processed foods, I may eat as part of a family meal....then every 3-5 weeks, I have a bad tummy...but my attitude is Well that meal didn't stay on my hips that long. I put pickle on a sandwich recently, and only today read the ingredients!!! Malt Barley.....a No thats why my tummy played up...always a reason, its just finding it...good luck


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