Negative blood test

So my blood test came back negative for celiac.

I'm torn between giving up gluten now I already know that makes me better or going back to my gp to get a diagnosis

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  • I also test negative for celiac yet I'm super intolerant of gluten and dairy now (starting in my late 20's about the time GMO was starting to get popular. There is no doubt in my mind you should stay away from it if it causes any problems. It's not needed or healthy anyway. Wheat and other grains are known to cause mental issues in some people as well. It might not even be the gluten that is the problem but the GMO plant. Or the pesticides (glysophate aka roundup) that is one of the primary reasons they genetically modified the plants to be able to tolerate spraying directly on it. It's like 10,000x more PPM they allow now.

  • Same as yourself Lavelocks neg results but very intolerant of gluten and now dairy. I think there must be more people with this problem than those with positive test so stay of the gluten and see how you get on

  • I read somewhere, sorry can't be sure where, but some people that are negative for the blood test do in fact test positive for celiac when given the biopsy. You could ask your Gp for further checks?

  • I tested negative, however feel so much better going gluten free. It,s quite easy to do now. My son and husband have joined me and also feel the benefits. It may not be gluten. I was reading recently that in America they drench the wheat in roundup approx ten days before harvesting. This increases the yield. Weed killer has been found in bread. If that is the case we would all be better off not eating wheat !

  • Hi - back in early 2012 I was tested through doctors and hospital but also through an alternative therapist. Blood tests through the science route - negative to coeliac and gluten intolerance. Alternative testing - positive to gluten, grains and dairy as well as numerous other intolerances. Within a month of being gluten and dairy free I felt like a new woman and had shed about 7 pounds with no effort at all. Going further down the medical route when I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy they found advanced diverticular disease, acute gastritis and numerous other gastro related problems. I am now also drug free. Doctors had me on about 6 different medications which barely showed any improvements on my old symptoms.

    Whenever I introduce gluten to my diet I pay severely for it. sometimes I cannot help myself - that Saturday morning bacon sandwich with fresh soft bread. I enjoy it, but pay the price!

    Give a clean fresh diet a go, you will absolutely see and feel the benefits.

  • No point it 'getting a diagnosis'. Nobody can diagnose gut issues. It's your gut, test it with controlling the food you put in it and do what's good for it.

  • You do not need to be a full blown coeliac - just being gluten sensitive can cause problems. Gluten molecules can stick to the wall of the intestines and create inflammation which can then lead to leaky gut.

    Sadly Docs do not learn anything about food and nutrition at Medical School - so it does not exist :-) I have read that the UK testing is not adequate - look at the American company Cyrex and see how many tests they run to confirm coeliac. I believe these are done in the UK by Regenerus Labs - but will be private - so expensive.

    Gluten molecules can penetrate the blood brain barrier too I have read - which for me was a good enough reason to eliminate it from my diet ! I also have Crohns and Hashimotos.

    I would give GF your best shot - but do be patient. Rome was not built in a day !

  • I have been getting symptoms for some time now which were becoming unbearable. Symptoms included dizziness fatigue nausea pins and needles in your hands aches in arms and legs feeling cold acid reflux and belching answer swollen stomach as well as feeling like I was going to pass out. While waiting on a GP appointment I researched my symptoms and found they could all be caused by gluten intolerance. I cut out gluten and to my amazement I have not had any funny turns apart from when I have accidently eaten gluten. I also suffer from a liver condition pbc and was told that gluten intolerance is often linked to this. My problem is I attended my GP today to discuss and he completely dismissed me. He says I had a blood test 3 years ago for coeliac and it was fine therefore I can not have it. I have been left feeling stupid and like I'm going mad. I can't bear to eat gluten because of the symptoms but am desperate to know that I'm not just imagining it. Is there any way I could get a private test and what would I ask for. Thanks everyone I feel this site really helps x

  • Eecos I know exactly how your feeling! I have continued to eat all the gluten foods over Christmas and have an appointment with my GP this fri 8 Jan to get his opinion on my result,I have already decided to go gluten free as soon as I've seen him I have had to force myself to eat that shit and don't want to continue with it any so ill pale,stomach pains,ringing in my ears,pain in the joints of my fingers,small blisters on my hands,weakness and fatigue,back pain and my hair falls out.

    I no longer feel I want a diagnosis I just need to get myself well.

    The diagnosis process lets a lot of people down.

    We don't need tests to tell us are bodies hate gluten are bodies are telling us.

    Will let you know how I get on at the docs.

  • Well today I was told that if the blister rash on my hand was anything to do with food I would have it from head to toe and my other symptoms don't matter at all! Gave me a script for steroid cream for my hands says it dermatitis prob from touching something!

    So gluten free it is from today not spending another day eating myself sick!

  • Well I had given up with my GP as far as gluten goes but did request a follow up vit d test, it came back lower than ever so he then did a test for Anemia,fbc,thyroid and kidney function they have the results but haven't told me yet they sent me for another blood test for ferritin and transferrin saturation. When that result comes in I've got to go and see him. I feel my deficiencies are due to my gut, wonder what else I'm deficient in?

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